Front Porch Friday

porch swingWELCOME everyone to a new portion of my blog entitled “Front Porch Friday”.  Each Friday (OK, “each” may be an exaggeration…) MANY Friday’s I will be taking time to interview an author, RP writer, book character or anyone else I can think of as a way to bring new life to many of our favorites.

Do you have authors, book characters, RP writers that you’d like to know more about?  COMMENT on this blog with your ideas and I’ll do my best to get them up!

I’m VERY excited to start out this new venture with none other than Gideon Cross *squeals and claps* More specifically, @_Gideon_Cross on Twitter who was gracious enough to answer some questions for me…and very recently surpassed 2,000 followers!!  I hope you enjoy getting to know Ace a little better…I know I did!

What drew you to RP Gideon Cross?
After reading the Crossfire series, I found Gideon’s charisma and strength of character to be unforgettable and I wanted to bring him to life.  Something about his determination to go after whatever he wants, and succeed, resonated with me…and his passion above all else in general, and for Eva, is rare.  Given his traumatic past, he rises above it {smirks}

How any times have you read the Crossfire trilogy?
Would it be out of the ordinary to say more than once {flashing a grin}

Is your writer similar to Gideon in any way?
I think Gideon’s ability to conquer his demons and come out on top…Always playing to win…Striving to be his best…and going after the woman he would move the earth for, are all things I can definitely say are similar.  A special woman is something you should never let through your grasp.

What are some of your favorite moments in the Crossfire books?
I would definitely have to say seeing and meeting Eva for that first time at The Crossfire.  She was like no other I’d ever seen.  My whole world turned and I just knew she was mine.  That first limo ride, and undoubtedly…that red dress, are forever burned into my memory.  Our trip to the Outer Banks, and that unforgettable kiss, having Eva all to myself is also a cherished and very special time.  Our delicious encounter at the club…well you’ve read that {smirks}

What do you feel sets you apart from other RP accounts, Gideon or otherwise?GC
I don’t believe any of us is set apart so much. More that we put our own ‘stamp’ on our character if you will.  I try to bring Gideon to life the best way I can and I’m thrilled my angels enjoy it so much.  I hope that I can do him justice {smiles}

Would you consider RPing as a couple with an Eva?  Why or why not
That’s a difficult question.  *I know, that’s why I asked it!* There are so many wonderful Eva’s out there…it would be impossible to choose just one.

Describe the perfect date
The perfect date? A candle lit dinner, wine, great food and company.  Then hitting the dance floor for some slow (and fast) sexy body to body swaying and grinding {winks} *Interviewer dissolves into a puddle*

Do you write outside of Twitter?
Yes, I do write a little outside of Twitter, I enjoy it and I hope that what I post here, my angels enjoy as well.

What would you like to say to your followers?
That’s an excellent question *thanks, ace* I’d love to say what a journey it’s been so far.  Thank you all very much for your continued and wonderful support and love.  I adore every one of you.  I hope I make you smile as much as you all make me smile.  I hope to be online more often, as I always enjoy interacting with all of my beautiful angels.  Thank you so much to my new followers as well…welcome to my world {flashing a wicked grin}.


Chocolate or Vanilla – chocolate AND vanilla? {winks}

Coffee or Tea – Coffee

Summer or Winter – summer *good answer*

Pasta or Pizza – pasta

Steak or Fish – fish

Apple or Android – apple

Mac or PC – Mac

East Coast or West Coast – East Coast

Night Owl or Early Bird – Night Owl {winks}

UPDATE – When Gideon hit 2K followers, I asked him if there was anything else he wanted to add…of course he did! That’s why we love him! Here’s his reply:

“I would just say how humbling it is to know how many angels enjoy what I do…and I can’t thank you all enough to finally be at 2K {kisses}”

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