Fate ~ a review

When Adam and Evette both get out of relationships that just aren’t working anymore, they find themselves on a dating site. As fate would have it they’re also connected as ‘Rebound Buddies’ to help one another navigate the tricky waters of their return to dating (and to ensure they don’t fall too hard, too fast).

Luckily, they live on opposite sides of the country as they quickly realize they’re perfect for one another. The two talk daily and lay down ground rules for their first dates as singles – no phone numbers, no second dates. Miraculously, both accomplish the task and move on to something Evette has always wanted to try but never had the guts to – a one night stand. Evette hopes her idea puts some distance between her and Adam as she finds herself falling for him. Adam agrees to this “assignment” as well, even though he feels himself falling hard for Evette.

Will the new “couple” survive their second assignment? Will either one confess their love? Can a long distance love work or will one uproot their lives and move across country?

This is not the first book by James I’ve read, I “met” her when I read the Charity series a few months back (which I also adored). When reading that series I was surprised more than once, and James doesn’t disappoint in Fate either. I tried to put the book down and go to sleep…I really did…but Adam & Evette kept whispering in my ear to keep reading. Needless to say, I was sitting straight up in bed at 1am as I finished – completely SHOCKED and wanting more. I even messaged James at 1am to ask if “The End” was indeed “The End”…

As far as characters go, I loved Evette – she was funny, witty, and didn’t take herself too seriously. Adam was sexy, caring and willing to do just about anything to find the right kind of love for his life. Together, the pair are dynamite – even when talking on the phone the emotion pours off the page.  My only complaint is that under 200 pages wasn’t enough for me…I NEED MORE of this couple!

If you do nothing else this week – put Fate on your list of books to read in 2015.


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