It’s A Wonderful Fireman by Jennifer Bernard

Wonderful Fireman coverDean Mulligan hates Christmas. He also has a soft spot for Lizzie Breen. Trouble is- Lizzie is the younger sister of his firefighting coworker, Fred, who has made it clear he better stay far, far away. Mulligan also believes he’s not worthy of a good relationship.

Lizzie loves Mulligan but he’s is a tough, stubborn, pig-headed fireman who doesn’t feel love is in his wheelhouse. When Lizzie is offered a job in Canada, she must decide if she goes and starts over, or stays and fights for Mulligan’s heart.

But one fire could change everything… Mulligan finds himself lodged under a giant Christmas tree in a burnt out Christmas store after falling through the roof. He quickly realizes he must come to terms with more than just his dislike of all things red and green or he may lose Lizzie forever.

This is the first book I’ve read by Jennifer Bernard and I can officially say I’m hooked. Even though this was only a holiday novella, it was fantastic. This novella wraps up the Bachelor Fireman series, but I followed along just fine.  These fireman sure do they live up to their name – hot, witty, stubborn, tough…and I really only get to know one of them in this book!!

Wonderful Fireman is a quick and easy read and despite Mulligan’s best efforts…it did put me in the holiday spirit. While there’s nothing light or fun about Mulligan’s troubled childhood, it is written in a way that allows the reader to fall for him just as Lizzie does. Also of note – readers will love the various interactions between Mulligan and Lizzie…including one very hot bedroom scene.

I very much look forward to catching up with ALL of these sizzling bachelors as I fire through the rest of the Bachelor Fireman series.  **ENTER TO WIN A FULL SET HERE:

Here’s a peek at Mulligan & Lizzie…

“You shouldn’t be flirting with the new probie. If Fred was here, he’d tell you.” Mulligan looked very sure of that fact—arrogant, even. Lizzie assessed the bump in his nose, the way his biceps bulged from the sleeves of his T-shirt, his air of absolute assurance. Another girl might be intimidated, but Lizzie had grown up with four brothers who’d become soldiers and a firefighter. She’d outgrown intimidation by the age of six.

“Why are you so suspicious of Ace? He’s part of the brotherhood, isn’t he?”

“Not yet,” Mulligan said with decisive finality, as if everything had now been settled. “You stay here, and I’ll tell him to get lost.”

“You will not!” She grabbed his arm as he brushed past her. It felt like grabbing a log, that’s how thick and strong his forearm was. “It’s none of your business.”

“It is my business. Freddie’s my business. We’re tight.”

“If you were that tight, you’d know that his only involvement with my love life is feeding me ice cream after a breakup,” she snapped. “Stay out of it, Mulligan. You have some nerve, you really do. I’ve never even met you before, and you’re trying to tell me who to sleep with.”

He stopped dead. She kept her hand on his arm because it felt so good. His tendons tightened under her touch, and she saw his jaw flex.

A quick flick of his wrist, and suddenly she was pressed against him, chest to chest, thighs to thighs. Sensation poured through her; it felt like standing next to a volcano. “I’m not telling you who to sleep with. I’m telling you who not to sleep with.”

“Oh, really?” she snapped, furious. “Who should I not sleep with?”

“Anyone but me.”




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