Saving Our Hearts ~ a review

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            His little chest rises and falls with each breath he struggles to take. The wires and tubes attached to his body are things I see every day, but somehow, the sight of them attached to this little body… my son’s body… well, it takes on a completely new meaning and tears at my heart in a way I never imagined.

            Laying in the incubator, even with all the medical supplies on him, he’s perfect. The mass of dark hair just like mine was surprising; I honestly thought our baby would have auburn hair like his gorgeous mother… my Gracie. His button nose and precious lips ensure he’s without doubt the cutest baby in existence. Although, that may just be the biased opinion of a father who is completely smitten and undeniably head over heels in love with his first born child. I wish Gracie were here to see how beautiful he is.

            With a heavy sigh, I take my seat beside his crib and continue my vigil over my son. Everyone’s growing frustrated with me because they want to know his name. They’re sick of calling the baby him, or baby Tierney, and I understand their annoyance. I really do, but there’s no way I’m going to make that decision on my own. I guess three days without a name isn’t normal, but then the way he arrived into the world wasn’t normal. It certainly wasn’t the way Gracie and I envisioned things would go.

Saving our Hearts is the MUCH anticipated follow up to Rhythm of My Heart and I was SO pleased with how the series continued.  The book picks up where the first left off (these are NOT standalone books!  If you’ve not read “Rhythm” stop reading this review right now!!  Then go download it and read it!) and had me tearing through the first chapter to find the fate of Gracie and the baby.  Don’t worry, you’ll get answers very quickly…thankfully!!

Saving our Hearts is not just another romance novel.  It incorporates many story lines to continue the journey of Cole and Gracie including those who are trying desperately to thwart their relationship and those doing everything in their power to support them.  The couple must overcome many obstacles throughout their story including a sadistic ex-boyfriend, a hostage situation, and a meddling bitch of an ex-fiancee.  Cole and Gracie manage it all through love, the support of their family and friends and lots and lots of sex!!

My favorite parts of both books is the unfailing love Cole has for Gracie, and visa versa.  Not only is Cole amazingly hot, he’s amazingly romantic and cares for Gracie in a way that every woman wants to be cared for.  It’s also wonderful to read their story from a few characters’ perspectives.  While other authors struggle to make this type of reading easy to follow, Reed does it perfectly, and by doing so she builds a wonderful world of characters that will make you laugh, cry and yes…blush!!

Not only does each chapter bring about a challenge for the couple, it also tells the story of other relationships brewing within the group.  I love that Reed is introducing us to new couples as she plans out the next books in her series including:

Book 3 – A Home for my Heart – Ashley and Sam

Book 4 – Fighting for my Heart – Charlie

Book 5 – Surrendering my Heart – April

Reed also plans on possibly publishing two other books…let’s all cross our fingers for this to happen!!


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