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Money. Lots of it. Fifty Million Dollars… left to her from out of nowhere from a father she didn’t know she had.

But that money comes with a price – Jack and Sean Stone. The Stone Brothers who were just gorgeous unattainable faces on magazines, up until the morning one of them shows up on Rue’s doorstep, drunk and pissed off. Jack’s growl, “You’ll be hearing from my lawyer,” sends a jolt of shock to Rue’s system that ricochets into a whole new life. One Jack doesn’t want her to have.

Rockstar Alec Gabriel is the Stone Brothers best friend. Has been since childhood. Their bond needs no words. So when Jack suggests he make his newest target for heartache, Rue Calliwell, Alec signs on out of curiosity, not expecting that meeting her will be the greatest challenge he’s ever had.

Part 2 will be released on 9/28 and Part 3 will be available on 10/9.  Both are available for preorder.  Amazon   UK

Rue book 1“How old are you?” The famous Jack Stone growls, his angry stare ripping down my body. I glance down out of instinct, horrified to remember I’m wearing my ugly pair of sweats and a shirt that is a couple sizes too large. It’s comfy to sleep in, but I vow as of this moment to throw it away as soon as I figure out what the hell is going on.

“What?” I sound as confused as I am, plus I’m kicking myself for not putting on makeup before I opened the door. At least some lipstick or something. And I haven’t brushed my teeth either. But it’s only 8:00 a.m. so can you blame me?

“You’re Rue Calliwell, right?” I nod. His gorgeous eyes narrow into sexy slits and he repeats in a low guttural growl, “How old are you?”

I look past him, scanning the sidewalk to see if we’re on camera. This is a joke right? I meet his eyes, and answer, quietly, “Yesterday was my twenty-first birthday.”

For some inconceivable reason this inspires a slew of swear words to pour from his beautiful mouth, ending with, “FUCK! I can’t fucking believe this fucking shit.” And with that, he flips around and sways his way to the street, only once almost falling.

What is happening?!! “Hey!” He doesn’t turn, so I try louder. “HEY!!!” Oops. That sounded a little harsh.

He turns around. No, that’s not correct. He turns just his head around and those intense light green eyes of his peer over his shoulder. “Did you just yell at me?”

Now I’m getting irritated. Why the attitude? “Excuse me, but you can’t wake me up and ask how old I am and then just walk off, swearing, without explanation.”

He walks back and glares at me. My skin lights up with nervous fire as he gets closer, each step excruciatingly slow. His eyes rake over me again, this time from the ground up. I cross my arms, and gulp, standing a little straighter, my chin cocked out in defiance. He reaches up and touches my shoulder as if he has the right. I’m so shocked, I say nothing. He’s staring at his thumb as it swipes against the baggy cotton twice before retracting. With him this close, I can see where his stubble has been recently shaved off. I can see his scar that slices into one eyebrow from the car accident he was in seven years ago when he was sixteen, the one the whole world knows about. When I totaled my car, the only people who knew about it were the guy I ran into and my mother. And my insurance company who danced in their swivel chairs as they hiked up my premium.

When Jack does something, it’s news.

So is there a news crew watching this? Because, from the reaction my body is having, he’s doing something right now, inspecting me like this. I’ve never been this close to someone famous, someone I’ve admired for years. Someone I feel like I’ve grown up with. It’s like a dream has become real. I open my mouth to say something–ask why he’s here, how he knows my name, why he’s so perfect. But I seem to have lost my ability to think straight.

 “Are you about to kiss me?” I whisper, holding very still.

Like he won a battle I didn’t know I was fighting, He smirks and says the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. “My lawyer will be calling you.”


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Sabrina Lacey loves hot, flawed alphas, strong and funny women, and wine. Lots of wine. Her “I Love My Healed Heart” hit #1 on Amazon in all of Romance, including Romantic Comedy, Erotic Romance, and New Adult Romance. She’s a big fan of her fans and often names characters after them as a thank you. When not writing, you can find her making out with a complete and total stranger. But don’t tell anyone…



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