Kissing Santa ~ a review

KylieGilmore_KissingSanta_600x900This is the adorable holiday themed story of Samantha Dixon and Rico del Toro.  Samantha and Rico find themselves on a dinner date after begrudgingly agreeing to be set up by their meddling mothers.  While the date is less than successful, the two can’t deny they find one another attractive and when Samantha unwittingly finds herself confessing all of her wishes to “Santa” (aka Rico), he devises a plan to make all her Christmas dreams come true.

Rico being the macho man he is, has never had the desire (or need) to go out of his way to seduce a woman.  A few strums of his guitar, a couple smiles, a compliment or two and he finds women falling into bed with him.  Samantha, however, is different.  She’s tough, suspicious and downright sexy.  Rico quickly learns he’s going to have to pull out all the stops to get Samantha in his life, and in his bed.

Rico attempts to grant all of Samantha’s wishes in one date, but she’s no dummy and realizes very early what he’s trying to do.  She’s annoyed, thinking he only wants to get her into bed and he’s annoyed, thinking she’s ungrateful.

Following the failed date, his sisters’ recommend reading romance novels and watching RomComs…thus begins a hilarious courtship including orange tic tacs, ladders and roses and sharing a spaghetti noodle.  But, Samantha is smart and quickly catches on to his movie references, again accusing him of being unoriginal.

Can Rico prove to Samantha he’s really attracted to her?  Can Samantha trust the handsome playboy?  Is Rico really in love?  Will Samantha give Rico another chance to woo her?

This is the second book by Kylie I’ve read (the first was “Bad Taste In Men” reviewed here).  I absolutely adored this read.  It was quick, funny, sexy and got me in the Christmas spirit.  Samantha and Rico are a great couple that keep one another all riled up in more ways than one, and their sexual tension is super hot.

One of my favorite parts of the book is when Rico thinks he’s having heart trouble and visits the doctor.  After explaining his symptoms the doctor checks him out and begins asking him a set of questions…what happened next had me laughing out loud, as with many other parts in the book.

I read this book in a little over a day and I actually could have read it faster had I not had a crazy little thing called “a job”.  This is a wonderfully smart, quick read that is perfect for a car ride to a holiday gathering…and a great excuse to hide away and read a few pages when the family gets to be too much.

If you enjoy a determined hero and a smart mouthed heroine, you’ll love Kylie’s books.  She creates wonderful characters that keep you entertained and flipping pages as fast as you can.  Her writing is witty and the banter between all the characters is funny, charming, sweet and sexy.

If you’re looking for a new author to check out, please give Kylie Gilmore a look.

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