Tricky Taxol – Rounds 1 & 2

Now, where were we? Ah, yes, Taxol.

When we last spoke I’d just conquered my last round of the Red Devil and was anxious to move on to the “less challenging”, single drug, Taxol. Well. Taxol has been anything but “less challenging” in the two rounds I’ve completed.

Dani Jeff and ITaxol round 1 of 12 was taken on in cooperation with my dear friend, Dani, and Super Hubby. Taxol was described as a little more “reactive” initially so in addition to the chemo I’m given an IV dose of Benedryl and Prevacid. Not knowing how immediate the effect of Benedryl in an IV was going to be, I was rather surprised when it hit me like a ton of bricks and just about put me to sleep. It was quite the ride after not drinking since July!!  (Note to self and others – eat right before you start, it won’t be such a shock to your system!)

The nice thing about Taxol is the actual Chemo only takes about an hour to drip, which is less time than the two drug therapy. Including labs and the doctor visit, we’re usually at the clinic for just under four hours. Yes, still quite a long time, but better than it was.Homer and I

The day after Taxol I felt OK, the second day after Round 1 brought on some bone pain and joint aches – all normal with this chemo. With some Tylenol and rest they were kept under control. I felt so fine, in fact, that our four-day getaway to Atlanta was full of walking, eating and yes, even a couple of cocktails for me!  The Braves organization has supported me from my very first chemo treatment, so getting a photo with Homer was so totally awesome!!

Round 2, however, was a different story…

Mom and ITaxol Round 2 was conquered in cooperation with none other than the great and powerful Connie A. Petersen.  Mom arrived Thursday night and stayed through Sunday morning. She was full of fun too – we were laughing so hard waiting for chemo on Friday I think people thought we’d lost our minds.

Friday and Saturday went off without a hitch, Sunday and Monday however were different stories. When I woke up Sunday I had my normal second day aches and pains but they got worse as they day went on. By Sunday night I was running a fever of over 101, and had chills, aches, pains…not good. (That’s what happens when Mommy leaves…ha ha!!) I called in and spoke with one of the Oncologists who advised me to take Tylenol and check back in the morning. Super Hubby did NOT like this idea one bit (he wanted to take me straight to the ER) and I don’t think he slept much Sunday night.

Monday brought a fever of 100 but still lots of aches and pains along with chills throughout the day. I was able to talk to more of my care team at the clinic and they agreed I’d likely picked up a virus along the way. I was given the prescription of rest, fluids, Tylenol and to check back if my fever went up again, or in 24 hours (whichever came first). Thankfully, Super Hubby was able to work from home to take care of me again on Monday – he’s a very good nurse!!!

THANKFULLY, Tuesday morning brought relief! While still pretty tired, my fever had broken and the aches and pains subsided for the most part. That afternoon I even walked a mile (very slowly) in the gorgeous warm weather. I have noticed a decrease in appetite but I’m hoping that will pick up as we move forward.

As I sit here typing this Wednesday morning, I feel 100% better. I’m hoping and praying it was only a virus and I won’t be down and out for two days every week over the next 10 Taxol treatments.

Thanks to everyone who has ordered Team Hagy shirts – the order is going in this week!

There’s still time to sign up for the walk on October 18, as Super Hubby said “There’s a lot of people walking with us, like an army full” – and it’s SO AWESOME!!! To sign up for the walk, or donate to the cause, visit (We’re over 80% to our goal!!!!)

Dani and I#NoOneFightsAlone


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