Charity’s Passion ~ a review

Charity Powers and Justin Collins face down their final challenges and elicit desires in the last of their passionate series. Almost a year has passed since their romance began and they’ve overcome obstacles together that they could never have endured alone—and they’ll need each other now more than ever!

Their powerful love is ready and eager for the next evolution of their relationship, but Brian Marker has returned for his revenge. The gifted assassin in Justin can sense the ruthless killer all around them, hunting them, closing in, and it’s time to begin the plans he’s been protecting from everyone, even Charity. Senator Lewis moves closer to the presidential candidacy with Panther’s help, and a power struggle larger than anyone was prepared for unfolds around them. Panther Inc. must pass hands to Garrett so Justin and Charity can run across the world to drive their stalker out into the open to face them.

Charity and Justin refuse to let anything come between them and their lust for each other. They accept their fate with all the erotic heat they both have craved from the beginning, a fire so intense that it ignites flames in those around them.

But there are always dark and dangerous corners and those wicked souls hiding within them. With the light at the end of the tunnel before them so bright that they can see the rest of their happy lives together, will Charity and Justin make it to God’s alter in bliss—or tragedy?

Charitys passion tour

Justin’s hands touch mine and he slowly guides my arms over my head, making me feel angelic and pretty. He leaves my hands there and gently slides his fingertips down my arms to my shoulders where he’s still kissing me. His fingers turn into my soft underarms and down my sides, tickling my ribs and waist.

His mouth opens and I feel his hot tongue tease its way to my earlobe. His teeth close around it for the slightest nibble, just barely a promise of what it’s about to happen.

“I missed you, Warrior, and I’ve had all night to think about what I want to do to you.”

This is the third book in the Charity series (Charity’s Warrior & Charity’s Secret are the first two), and I do believe it’s my favorite. Three overarching themes make it so – love, sex and intrigue. The lively love story of Charity and Justin continues as Justin works to get out of the business that seems to keep both their lives at risk, and the lives of those around them.

Justin’s work as a “fixer” (think of Ray Donovan or Olivia Pope) continues but becomes infinitely more dangerous when he becomes the focus of a man as dangerous as himself. Justin will stop at nothing to protect Charity and his close circle of friends which proves to be more of a risk than intended.

Overall, the storyline through all three books is clear and it is best to settle in and read the books in order (and relatively quickly) to keep the characters and story moving in an understandable direction. There are several “outlier” characters who add major depth to the story – two of which are getting their own book soon!

Including a trip around the world, the death of a main character, more amazing sex scenes and some ultra-romantic moves by Justin, Charity’s Passion is not to be missed. This is a true page turner, and a perfect way to warm up your cool fall evenings and put some spice into your life.

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