Anyone But Alex ~ a review

Anyone but AlexAlex is the third English brother I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and I have to say, each brother just gets hotter! Alex is the typical man about town, never settle down, tends to get around playboy. (At least he takes them to brunch on Sunday and never promises a future, right??)

But like everything in life – all good things must come to an end. And when Alex comes face to face with childhood friend Jessica Winslow, who has grown into a stunningly beautiful young woman, Alex realizes he’s been living his life all wrong…and that his heart has just been “sideswiped by a kid”.

Of course given Alex’s history with the ladies, creating a relationship of any kind with Jessica proves difficult, even one they’ve agreed will only last five weeks. Women love a challenge, and women are lining up to challenge Alex’s new found “one woman” attitude. Jess quickly realizes Alex’s past is more than she bargained for and longs to get back to her home in London after Christmas. But the thought of leaving Alex is also more than she can bear, leaving her to make a heart-wrenching decision.

Is Alex really done with his womanizing ways? Can Jess look past the jealous women of Alex’s past? When Jess’ five week visit is over, will thetwo find a way to continue their relationship?Alex English 2

Like the two brothers Regnery has brought to life before him, Alex is so imperfectly perfect it’s impossible not to fall for him. Jessica is the epitome of “guys love her, girls want to be her” (I mean, she dresses like Kate Middelton for pete sake!) and the two fit together perfectly…trust me, you’ll want to read all about how well they “fit” together…

As always, Regnery does a wonderful job of not only laying out a perfectly sweet love story, but also giving her characters depth and charm in a way few other authors can. We peek into their lives as children and young adults and see how those relationships shaped their futures, all while falling in love right along with the characters.

Jessica WinslowThe best part about the English Brothers series? The couple you feel in love with during your last “English Brother Binge Session” appears in the next book so you can swoon over and over again! Rengery also does an excellent job of slowly introducing us to other families who I’m sure readers will love just as much as the English clan (actually, I’m not sure I can love anyone more than the English brothers…but I’m sure Katy will find a way).

As we wind down the last of summer, Anyone But Alex is a MUST read for anyone who loves accomplished men, awesome women, amazing sex and a happy ending {wink, wink}

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