Charity’s Secret ~ Book Blast

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Looking for another steamy read to liven up the last of your Summer? Take a moment to download “Charity’s Secret” ~ the follow up novel to “Charity’s Warrior” I reviewed last week.

This pulse-pounder gives us more insight into the lives of all the main characters we met in “Warrior” and takes us on a journey of hope, truth and love. And don’t worry, there’s still PLENTY of naughty, spicy, sex to keep you nymphos entertained {wink, wink}

Find out “Charity’s Secret” today…

The unbridled heat continues between the beautiful Charity Powers and her gorgeous and passionate assassin for hire, Justin Collins. He exists only to love her and keep her safe, but that’s not so easy when she is such a force of life. Charity makes it her mission to heal Justin’s wounded path, but to do it, she must hide terrible, dangerous secrets from him that risk their entire relationship.

The holidays arrive filled with wonderful sentiments that leave each of these lovers closer than ever, but just as the celebrations come to a close, one of their dearest friends is brutally attacked. There needs to be retribution, and both Justin and Charity deliver it. In the process, evidence of a traitor is discovered on the Panther team, jeopardizing not just everything they’ve worked for—but their very lives.

Discovering Charity’s secrets devastates Justin, but his broken heart is no rival to the fury of learning that his beautiful obsession is being hunted. Rescuing her leads him to the truths of this past.

Nothing can contain Justin’s devotion and intensity. Charity has to be kept safe. The traitor and their enemies, personal and political, must be eliminated if they are going to survive.


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