Finding Eva ~ Book Blast

Today I’m happy to be featuring “Finding Eva” by Marie Garner. Here’s a peek inside…

Finding Eva- Cover (2)PROLOGUE
The will of Elizabeth Matthews is ready to be put into action. According to the will, the property at 2502 Idols Road, Highland Creek, North Carolina is yours at the behest of Ms. Matthews. You may pick up the keys are your earliest convenience…

The contents of the letter played over like a slow loop through Eva’s mind. Regardless of what she thought or believed, she couldn’t get away from it. How the hell did she get an inheritance from her mother? The same mother who was supposed to be dead for the past twenty years. There was only one thing to conclude, her mother had been alive all this time, and her father was a liar, which is part of the reason she was standing in her parent’s living room having it out with her father.

“Is it true?!”

“Is what true?” Her father inquired curiously, hazel eyes staring back at her calmly. That was what she always remembered, the calming presence that her father always brought no matter what was going on in their life. For once the one thing she always loved she suddenly loathed.

“My…” she stuttered, not wanting to say the words “…my mother was alive this whole time? The mother you said was dead.” She ended with a screech and her finger in his face, as though she was trying to force him to react, anything to help her through the muddle that had become her life in the time it took to read a simple letter.

His eyes widened, letting her know everything she needed to in one look. Her father, her rock, had lied. About everything.
“Now Eva….” he started with arms raised as though pleading with her, but nothing could sway her.

“No! I don’t want to hear it! Nothing you say to me will ever justify the fact that you lied to me, for years about my mother. Did my mom know?” Eva called her stepmother mom, it was the only one she remembered. His hesitation was all she knew to get her answer.

“Never mind, don’t worry about answering that. I need to think, and I need to be away from you.”

“You don’t mean that. I can explain.”

“It is a little late to explain now dad. I don’t know if I can ever forgive you for this.” She turned on a huff, ignoring the strangled cry from her father on her quest to get out of her childhood home, the place that suddenly seemed too stifling. Her father and her mother both called several times and left numerous texts. She didn’t care; she wasn’t in the mood to talk to them right now so she ignored them. Let them worry; she would deal with them later. The only thing she knew was that they lied about her biological mother, something she didn’t know she could forgive. And what the hell was she going to do with a house from a woman who clearly didn’t want her enough to stay?


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About the author:

Marie Garner hails from Winston Salem, North Carolina and has had her nose in a book for as long as she can remember.  She was a teacher by trade before she decided to write the story ideas float around her head continuously.  When not reading or writing she could be found either watching sports, rooting on the Washington Redskins, or wishing for England where she lived for a year.   She is a lover of cake, chocolate, drinks, and anything that makes her smile. Her debut contemporary romance novel is Finding Eva, the first book in her new Highland Creek series, was published June 2014.







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