Archer’s Voice ~ a review

“…not all great acts of courage are obvious to those looking in from the outside.”

Archers VoiceIf you loved Katy Regnery’s “The Vixen and The Vet” you will love Archer’s Voice all the same.

Archer is a handsome loner convinced he’s destined to a life of silence. Bree is a scared dreamer on the run from her past. When the two meet in a drug store parking lot their worlds shift, beginning a journey neither of them ever expected, or thought possible.

Bree Prescott is a compassionate soul looking for peace in a small Maine town. She arrives with nothing more than her car, her dog and a suitcase hoping to find solace. Archer Hale is a solitary outcast who keeps to himself on his property outside of town. He had never imagined living a life with anyone, let alone a beautiful woman, but when Bree takes it upon herself to befriend Archer, he starts to wonder how he ever lived without her…which will become both a blessing and a curse.

Archer’s Voice is quite unique in the fact we never hear it. Archer, who was shot as a youngster, is unable to speak. However, when Bree waltz’s into his life he finds his voice with his hands…in more ways than one! {wink, wink} Sheridan creates a beautiful love story through sign language, body language and Bree’s snappy dialog with both Asher and members of the community.

This is a beautiful story of love, hope, redemption and acceptance. I was enthralled from the very first word and it kept my attention throughout – enticing me to read the entire thing in one day! In addition, you’ll get “ALL the feels” from Bree and Archer…including a handful of sexy, blush-worthy moments!!

A perfect summer read, Archer’s Voice is not to be missed.

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