Falling for Fitz ~ a review

FitzThis book begins with a look into the past of Daisy Edwards and Fitz English. What seems like a regular summer romance is anything but – and boy oh boy does set the stage for an outstanding second book in the English Brother’s series. Regnery follows the same ‘outline’ as she did in “Barrett” – boy and girl meet as youngsters, boy and girl swoon over one another, both go away to become adults, then boy and girl find themselves together once again with past feelings hitting them square in the chest.

When controlled (adorable), even-keeled (handsome), rule-following (romantic), Fitz finds himself once again eye to eye with the fun-loving, never-hold-back Daisy, he’s immediately taken back to the last time she was in his arms. Daisy, now a successful business owner, can’t help but feel drawn to the man who stole her heart when she was just a teenager, but also broke it in half. The two begin a sexy little tango that tears through the first half of the book – then we really get to see their relationship ignite!!

Katy Regnery’s lightning fast release dates are perfect for this series. Even though I’ve only read the first two, I can tell I’ll want minimal time in between reads (keep writing Katy!! Hurry!!) While this group of books may not necessarily need to read in order – they really should be.  It helps to meet Barrett before Fitz for a couple of reasons…“Breaking up with Barrett” gives great background and insight into all of the English brothers AND (much to my delight) we get to read more about Emily and Barrett while meeting Daisy and Fitz {standing ovation for Katy}!!!

I love “Falling for Fitz” for many of the same reasons I loved “Breaking up with Barrett” – it’s fast, fun, sweet, romantic and just the right amount of steamy love makin’ for an excellent summer read. Moreover – I did indeed fall for Fitz and was blown away by Barrett. Both men are flawed in their own sweet way and have a way of romance that will knock your knickers off! I can’t wait to see what the next English Brother, Alex, is going to do to me!!! {Crosses fingers that it’s extra amazing}


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