Bad Taste In Men by Kylie Gilmore ~ a review

bad taste in menThis is the quite charming story of bookstore owner Rachel Miller and her best friend (and gourmet ice-cream maker) Shane O’Hare. Rachel knows books. Shane knows food. Shane also knows Rachel…and wants to be more than friends…a lot more.

When Rachel’s bookstore is on its last leg she shares a business idea with her dear friend – she’d like to open a café in the spare space next to her store. Shane immediately loves the idea and decides to go “all in” and become her business partner in the venture. Little does Rachel know what Shane will sacrifice to help her dream succeed.

Will becoming business partners damage their friendship? Will Rachel finally admit to herself she’d like to be more than just Shane’s friend? Will Shane finally sweep Rachel off her feet?

This is the third book in the Clover Park Series, but it can clearly be read as a standalone as I went into it without having read the first two (although, after getting glimpses of the other two couples, I think I’m going to need to read the first two soon!!) What I like best about this book is it stays focused on Rachel and Shane. There are very few times in the book when the two are not interacting and the story line does not shift to another couple or another set of circumstances. Sure, there are a few antagonists in the plot but, all in all the story is laser focused on hunky chef Shane and book lover Rachel.

I also enjoyed the POV shifts between the two main characters. Readers of my reviews know how much I love to hear from the male perspective in these types of novels, and Gilmore does a great job of allowing us into Shane’s male brain while keeping Rachel’s voice as the main storyteller.

While the book does have its steamy moments (oh…yea…baby) they do not appear on every third page like others. They are perfectly spaced and make for a great build up as the two friends begin to navigate the troublesome waters of being business partners and sorting their feelings for one another.
In my opinion – this is not a quick read but it did keep my attention throughout. I did appreciate the fact I was always on the fence about how the book was going to end and while it may have taken the long way – it was very much worth it.

If you love Katy Regnery’s “Heart of Montana” series – you’ll adore this book…just be forewarned there are some parts where your temperature will most certainly rise!!

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