Meeting Miss Mystic ~ a review

MMM - Terribly in love“…nothing – not a little distance or a very unconventional meeting – could stop the course of true love”

Meeting Miss Mystic by Katy Regnery is a true modern day love story. High School Principal, Paul, is unknowingly set up on a dating website by his friend, Maggie. While he is initially completely turned off by the idea, he is soon ‘turned on’ by seeing a woman he believes is perfect for him – Holly Morgan. She’s a teacher, blonde, funny, never married and a devoted family woman. Paul is struck by her beauty and decides to give in and contact Holly himself.

But Holly is not what she seems…she’s Zoe, a dark haired, tattooed graphic designer recovering from a car accident that injured both her and her nephew. Regardless of her name, she falls for Paul in a very real way via text message, phone calls and emails. (And trust me readers, you’ll fall right along with her!)

But, when Zoe decides to travel to Paul’s turf and confess her true identity, will her heart be broken? Can Paul love the dark-haired vixen standing before him or is his heart set on the perfect blonde he’s lusted over for weeks?

If Katy Regnery didn’t fall in love online…she certainly knows how to write about it! While I didn’t meet my husband online, we did exchange many emails and text messages when we first met and Katy has captured that “virtual love” feeling perfectly in Meeting Miss Mystic. As always, she develops her characters at the perfect pace – bringing the story to life in so many ways (with a few twists and turns thrown in for good measure). This book reminds us all that true beauty is often found beneath the surface and allows us to believe it really is possible to fall in love with someone before ever meeting them in person.

I’ve highlighted MANY pieces of this book, but here is my favorite solely because I got butterflies when I read this ~
“It shouldn’t be possible to feel like this after a week.
It shouldn’t be possible to feel like this about someone you’ve never met in person.
It shouldn’t be possible to feel like this about someone two thousand miles away.”

Meeting Miss Mystic is a perfect summer read that will make you believe in fate, destiny and the winding road that can sometimes lead to true love.

*Note – this is book #5 in a “Sweet Heat” series but can absolutely be read as a standalone.

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