Rhythm of my Heart by Velvet Reed

Front Cover-1“Oh my God! No way!”

Those where the words that flew out of my mouth upon finishing the last page in this book as I was frantically trying to get my kindle to flip another page…but to no avail. I’ll have to wait until September (WHAT?!?!) to hear the ‘rest of the story’. And what an amazing story this was…

Grace Rivers and Dr. Cole Tierney find themselves eye to eye in the ER following a mishap with Grace’s niece, Ruby. When the two shake hands and an electric spark passes between them, they find themselves wanting to know more about each other…

“Grace stands, gazing after her father and I can see the love and adoration gleaming in her eyes. This woman is breathtaking. My heart gives a quick squeeze and I know…in this instant, I know somehow, no matter what, I am going to make Grace mine.”

And make her mine he did…more than a few times…and it’s HOT!!! Cole is sexy as hell and Reed does an amazing job of developing his character throughout the book. In fact, Reed does an outstanding job developing the entire group of characters throughout this book. Each chapter is written in the perspective of a major character (think Jodi Picoult) which gives the book amazing depth and preps us for what is sure to be an amazing series of books (can there be like, 10 more please?!)

Grace is quick to defend her friends and family at any cost (take THAT Miranda!) and stops at nothing to ensure those she loves are well taken care of. She falls hard and fast for Cole (and so will you upon reading this book) and soon finds herself completely taken by him…

“Cole in jeans is sexy as hell; Cole in scrubs is mouthwatering. But, for the love of God…Cole in a tuxedo is a heart attack waiting to happen.”

But a good love story isn’t without ups and downs, twists and turns, cheerleaders and nay-sayers. This book has them ALL – and you will love and hate every last one of them. I adore the POV shifts throughout this book, reading the story from multiple views is one of my favorite things and Reed takes it beyond just the two main characters.

The greatest thing about this book is how it kept me guessing and engaged throughout. At the half way point I thought “wow, this is a cute love story, but how is there enough material for more?” Uh, there was.  A LOT more. This book is like a roller coaster ride, starts off nice, moves fast, takes sharp turns, whips your head back and finally plummets you to a dead stop. And just like a roller coaster – you WILL want MORE!

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