Falling for Fitz ~ a review

FitzThis book begins with a look into the past of Daisy Edwards and Fitz English. What seems like a regular summer romance is anything but – and boy oh boy does set the stage for an outstanding second book in the English Brother’s series. Regnery follows the same ‘outline’ as she did in “Barrett” – boy and girl meet as youngsters, boy and girl swoon over one another, both go away to become adults, then boy and girl find themselves together once again with past feelings hitting them square in the chest.

When controlled (adorable), even-keeled (handsome), rule-following (romantic), Fitz finds himself once again eye to eye with the fun-loving, never-hold-back Daisy, he’s immediately taken back to the last time she was in his arms. Daisy, now a successful business owner, can’t help but feel drawn to the man who stole her heart when she was just a teenager, but also broke it in half. The two begin a sexy little tango that tears through the first half of the book – then we really get to see their relationship ignite!!

Katy Regnery’s lightning fast release dates are perfect for this series. Even though I’ve only read the first two, I can tell I’ll want minimal time in between reads (keep writing Katy!! Hurry!!) While this group of books may not necessarily need to read in order – they really should be.  It helps to meet Barrett before Fitz for a couple of reasons…“Breaking up with Barrett” gives great background and insight into all of the English brothers AND (much to my delight) we get to read more about Emily and Barrett while meeting Daisy and Fitz {standing ovation for Katy}!!!

I love “Falling for Fitz” for many of the same reasons I loved “Breaking up with Barrett” – it’s fast, fun, sweet, romantic and just the right amount of steamy love makin’ for an excellent summer read. Moreover – I did indeed fall for Fitz and was blown away by Barrett. Both men are flawed in their own sweet way and have a way of romance that will knock your knickers off! I can’t wait to see what the next English Brother, Alex, is going to do to me!!! {Crosses fingers that it’s extra amazing}


Breaking Up With Barrett ~ a review

Breaking up with Barrett picIn her latest literary gem, Katy Regnery introduces us to Barrett English, one of five English brothers who we’ll meet over the course of the next few months. Barrett is exactly what you’re thinking he is – tall, dark, handsome, rich, pompous and secretly incredibly sweet and romantic (think Christian Grey without all the darkness). For essentially his entire life he’s only had eyes for Emily Edwards- the gardener’s daughter, the beautiful blonde he grew up with, the woman who pretends to be his fiancée.

Yes, you read that correctly. Emily is Barrett’s pretend fiancée. Not a bad gig really – nice dinners, good wine, fancy dresses AND she gets to gaze at Mr. English a handful of nights each month…all while getting paid to do so! (Does that job exist? I’m totally interested).

I’m sure you can guess where ‘pretend engaged’ will probably get the couple…but are the feelings they have toward one another real, or just an effect of their charade? Furthermore, can two people from vastly different backgrounds actually come together? Can Emily handle Barrett’s controlling boardroom ways? Is Barrett ready to let all other women go?

The biggest surprise in this short read was the emotion I felt. There was laughter, butterflies, anger and (much to Katy’s surprise) even tears! Katy does an amazing job of telling several years’ worth of a story in a short, concise way making this the perfect beach read (is that a sunburn or are you blushing over Barrett?!)

My only complaint – I want 200 more pages!!! This is such a great story that I didn’t want it to end. So, I’ll try a public begging (as a private one did not work) PLEASE, KATY, WRITE MORE!!!

Bad Taste In Men by Kylie Gilmore ~ a review

bad taste in menThis is the quite charming story of bookstore owner Rachel Miller and her best friend (and gourmet ice-cream maker) Shane O’Hare. Rachel knows books. Shane knows food. Shane also knows Rachel…and wants to be more than friends…a lot more.

When Rachel’s bookstore is on its last leg she shares a business idea with her dear friend – she’d like to open a café in the spare space next to her store. Shane immediately loves the idea and decides to go “all in” and become her business partner in the venture. Little does Rachel know what Shane will sacrifice to help her dream succeed.

Will becoming business partners damage their friendship? Will Rachel finally admit to herself she’d like to be more than just Shane’s friend? Will Shane finally sweep Rachel off her feet?

This is the third book in the Clover Park Series, but it can clearly be read as a standalone as I went into it without having read the first two (although, after getting glimpses of the other two couples, I think I’m going to need to read the first two soon!!) What I like best about this book is it stays focused on Rachel and Shane. There are very few times in the book when the two are not interacting and the story line does not shift to another couple or another set of circumstances. Sure, there are a few antagonists in the plot but, all in all the story is laser focused on hunky chef Shane and book lover Rachel.

I also enjoyed the POV shifts between the two main characters. Readers of my reviews know how much I love to hear from the male perspective in these types of novels, and Gilmore does a great job of allowing us into Shane’s male brain while keeping Rachel’s voice as the main storyteller.

While the book does have its steamy moments (oh…yea…baby) they do not appear on every third page like others. They are perfectly spaced and make for a great build up as the two friends begin to navigate the troublesome waters of being business partners and sorting their feelings for one another.
In my opinion – this is not a quick read but it did keep my attention throughout. I did appreciate the fact I was always on the fence about how the book was going to end and while it may have taken the long way – it was very much worth it.

If you love Katy Regnery’s “Heart of Montana” series – you’ll adore this book…just be forewarned there are some parts where your temperature will most certainly rise!!

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Meeting Miss Mystic ~ a review

MMM - Terribly in love“…nothing – not a little distance or a very unconventional meeting – could stop the course of true love”

Meeting Miss Mystic by Katy Regnery is a true modern day love story. High School Principal, Paul, is unknowingly set up on a dating website by his friend, Maggie. While he is initially completely turned off by the idea, he is soon ‘turned on’ by seeing a woman he believes is perfect for him – Holly Morgan. She’s a teacher, blonde, funny, never married and a devoted family woman. Paul is struck by her beauty and decides to give in and contact Holly himself.

But Holly is not what she seems…she’s Zoe, a dark haired, tattooed graphic designer recovering from a car accident that injured both her and her nephew. Regardless of her name, she falls for Paul in a very real way via text message, phone calls and emails. (And trust me readers, you’ll fall right along with her!)

But, when Zoe decides to travel to Paul’s turf and confess her true identity, will her heart be broken? Can Paul love the dark-haired vixen standing before him or is his heart set on the perfect blonde he’s lusted over for weeks?

If Katy Regnery didn’t fall in love online…she certainly knows how to write about it! While I didn’t meet my husband online, we did exchange many emails and text messages when we first met and Katy has captured that “virtual love” feeling perfectly in Meeting Miss Mystic. As always, she develops her characters at the perfect pace – bringing the story to life in so many ways (with a few twists and turns thrown in for good measure). This book reminds us all that true beauty is often found beneath the surface and allows us to believe it really is possible to fall in love with someone before ever meeting them in person.

I’ve highlighted MANY pieces of this book, but here is my favorite solely because I got butterflies when I read this ~
“It shouldn’t be possible to feel like this after a week.
It shouldn’t be possible to feel like this about someone you’ve never met in person.
It shouldn’t be possible to feel like this about someone two thousand miles away.”

Meeting Miss Mystic is a perfect summer read that will make you believe in fate, destiny and the winding road that can sometimes lead to true love.

*Note – this is book #5 in a “Sweet Heat” series but can absolutely be read as a standalone.

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Hudson is here!!!

If you don’t do anything else this week – you MUST read the Fixed” series by Laurelin Page. You MUST also download the latest follow-up to the series – “Hudson”… written in the POV of the main male character which debuts TODAY!!!

Here’s a little taste…


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A small detour…

As you all well know, this blog is primarily a venue for my reviews of romance novels.  Well, for a little while here, we’re going to take a small detour and talk about my boobs.  Yes, I know, it’s a little strange.  And perhaps a little awkward (for you), but remember – just because I write it doesn’t mean you have to read it. 

And so it begins…


As humans (and especially as women) we all have a love/hate relationship with our bodies. There are some parts we adore…and other parts we absolutely hate. One part of my body that comes to mind when I think of this is my boobies. I’ve hated them, I’ve loved them, I’ve talked shit about them, I’ve used them to my advantage and I’ve fought constantly to find bras and shirts that fit them just so.

But, sometimes, life throws you a curveball and you start to see things differently. That’s what happened to me on June 26 at 4:30pm.

Some reference for you…

At the beginning of June my husband found a lump in my left breast. (Yes, men, go forth and feel boobies!!)

I freaked.

I’d never felt anything like it on my body and I my intuition told me it wasn’t good. I called and got an appointment with my OBGYN who then referred me to the Breast Center to have an ultrasound. Immediately following the ultrasound, the doctor at the Center ordered a ‘baseline mammogram’. Again…my intuition was telling me something was not right.

The doctor came in and told me there was indeed a mass and scheduled a biopsy for a few days later. I returned to the Breast Center on a Monday, husband in toe, and made it through the biopsy pretty easily. If you’ve never had a biopsy – it really does go quickly and the pain is very minimal. However, it feels pretty invasive. Take someone along – having a friendly face waiting for me was key to keeping my spirits up.

Then, I waited. And waited. And waited until finally I received a call on Thursday, June 26 at 4:30pm. The lab confirmed what I really knew in my heart all along, I had cancer. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma to be exact, and the woman I spoke with took me through the basics. My tumor is both estrogen and progesterone positive – which is good. This means the cancer cells are actually behaving like regular breast cells and can be further treated with estrogen blocking medication.

The next step was to meet with a surgeon, which I did on July 1. The hubby and I were able to ask a million questions and receive a million and a half answers. Best of all – I was told time and again that I’m young (34), healthy, thin (awwww, thanks Doc!), this type of breast cancer is common, and I have no family history of breast cancer – again, all good things.

LADIES – DID YOU SEE THAT? I HAVE NO FAMILY HISTORY OF BREAST CANCER. But, here I am, writing about my breast cancer. CHECK YOUR BOOBIES. CHECK THEM OFTEN. Then, have some hottie check them too. Hey, it’s a life-saving gesture!!

The way things stand right now I’ll have a lumpectomy along with a Sentinel node biopsy to ensure the cancer hasn’t spread to the lymph nodes. However, we’re currently awaiting additional testing from my biopsy regarding HER2/neu gene, which indicates the aggressiveness of the tumor. The initial testing has shown I’m at a +2 (results can range from 0 to +4).  So, of course, I’m right in the middle of the road.  The reason we are waiting on surgery is to get those additional answers from pathology regarding HER2 and then decide if they want to start Chemo first to shrink the tumor prior to surgery.

The reason to start Chemo before is to essentially dissolve the tumor all together and make surgery less invasive.  This is the kind of treatment plan that has been started within the last 3 years and the results have been FANTASTIC.  While having Chemo is about the last thing I want to do right now…it seems like it’s going to happen.  Even if they decide not to do Chemo before, chances are pretty good I’ll do some afterwards considering I’m so young and have lots of breast tissue (yes, please laugh, that’s funny!!!!!)

I was given the choice to have a mastectomy (the removal of my left breast completely) instead of a lumpectomy/radiation. Truthfully, the mastectomy option never appealed to me. I have no desire to remove my entire lovely left friend just because some asshole cancer tumor decided to move in for a while. I’ve been reassured the survival rate is EXACTLY the same whether I do a lumpectomy or mastectomy.

I would like to note – the decision for mastectomy or lumpectomy is extremely personal and based entirely on the feeling of each individual woman.

A mastectomy is something I may choose to do one day if this cancer returns (HA HA HA, good luck with that you cancer jerkface) but for ME, for right NOW, I’m choosing the lumpectomy/radiation path.

And that, my friends, is where life stands today. I’ll do my best to update you as I progress on this journey as I feel it’s both therapeutic for me to write about it, and I think it’s a good resource for others. FEEL FREE to comment and share your story below – but if you’re an asshole I’ll totally delete and block you. POSITIVE VIBES ONLY!!!   =}

BOOK BLAST ~ “I Love My…” Trilogy

I love my trilogyThe I Love My… Trilogy is the box set of the entire “I Love My…” romance series. It’s jam-packed with “I Love My Healed Heart” “I Love My Side of The Story” and “I Love My Fire” ~ three whole novels, just shy of 200,000 words!

In the intertwining erotic romance stories of three best friends (Fashion Magazine Assistant Editor Jessica Harper, Casting Director Amber Monroe, and Passionate Painter Nicole Henry) we fall in love with their friendships, their quirks, and most of all, their hot as hell men! Jessica’s been cheated on, Amber’s in a stale relationship, Nicole’s been single for three years, and against the electric backdrop of New York City, they battle their way to true love with the help of each other and a loyalty you will love.

“If women acted this way across the globe, men would only be able to cheat with each other because the sisterhood would be so strong.” – Amazon Review