Better As A Memory by Marilyn Baxter

Front CoverAre the ones you’ve loved in the past really “Better As A Memory”, or could they be just as good (or even better) the second time around?

This is the question plaguing both Victoria Shapre and Max Brown as they find themselves face to face after years apart. Their hot love affair during college has been over for quite some time, but the two still find themselves totally and completely drawn to one another.

Victoria is an image consultant and Max has spent the last few years roughing it in the mountains. He’s returned to Atlanta to claim his trust fund by working for his father. But, as we all know, Mother knows best, and Max’s mom hires Victoria to turn Max into the businessman he needs to be.

Max and Victoria have secrets…will those secrets bring them together, or tear them apart? Can Victoria keep Max at arm’s length despite his ruggedly handsome good looks and his attempts to seduce her? Which dream will Max fulfil – the dream of a life with Victoria, or the dream of helping troubled kids get back on track?

This book is FULL of sexual tension – I mean FULL of it – and it’s SO HOT! Max is devilishly handsome and Victoria is dead sexy in her own right. Not only are the physical interactions in this book steamy (a study comes to mind), so are the thoughts the two have for one another throughout.

As readers of this blog know, I’m a BIG fan (HUGE) of POV shifts and this book does it spot on. Hearing what Max thinks of Victoria is such a turn on and every girl is going to giggle (and blush) a bit when reading what Victoria thinks of Max.

While this book does deal with some heavy topics, overall it is a nice, sexy read that is a great way to escape the dog days of summer. The characters are engaging and well-developed and I appreciated the quick pace at which things heat up. Better As A Memory is a ‘must-read’!

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