Star Struck by Laurelin Paige ~ a review

“Heather Wainwright, Hollywood A-list actress, had been flirting shamelessly with a carpenter.”

StarStruckCoverI first fell in love with Laurelin Paige and her super sexy style of writing when I completely immersed myself in the Fixed trilogy a few months back. (If you haven’t read “Fixed”…please put it on your MUST DO list.)

Star Struck is the wonderfully steamy story of actress, Heather Wainwright and Production Designer, Seth Rafferty (he’s H.O.T ladies…H.O.T). When Heather and Seth meet during a fundraiser neither one has any idea how similar their pasts have been. When they first lay eyes on one another, Heather assumes Seth is nothing more than a worker on set (thus completely below her dating standards) and Seth assumes Heather is nothing more than a snotty, stuck up actress…what’s that they say about first impressions??

The two find themselves drawn to one another and throughout a series of events find they are better suited for each other than they originally assumed. But, will secrets they are both keeping tear them apart? Will Heather give in to her deepest desires? Will Seth accept Heather for who she really is?

Star Struck is a wonderfully paced novel that kept my attention throughout (mostly thanks to the really amazing sex scenes!) Paige does a fantastic job of framing her characters in a way that allows us to learn about them throughout the entire novel, not just in the first few chapters. Similar to the Fixed series, the main characters in this book are both flawed, but in a way that makes them completely loveable and perfect for one another.

What I love most about Paige’s writing is her ability to steam up my Kindle screen and follow it up with something so sweet it makes my teeth hurt! I remember the way Hudson used to circle Alayna’s nose with his in the Fixed Trilogy – and that small gesture used to give me butterflies every single time. The sweet gesture continues in Star Struck and it has exactly the same effect. It’s a perfectly planned and written gesture that has me swooning every single time.

One of my other favorite things about Star Struck is the shift in POV between Heather and Seth. Nothing gets me hooked like hearing from the man of the story now and then and Paige does it with ease. For instance…

“He was vaguely aware of an alarm going off in the back of his head, his conscience reminding him something about getting in and getting out.

Oh, he’d get in and get out all right. In and out all night long if she’d let him”

Seth has really great one-liners throughout this book that truly made me laugh out loud more than once. He is the definition of the perfect guy – hot, sweet, funny, hard-working, protective and a little bit of a Dom in the bedroom. {Smiles widely}

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading about amazing sexual tension and hot sex scenes with romance and humor sprinkled throughout.

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