Book Blast ~ A Chance For More

Today I’ll be featuring some very sexy scenes from Zanne Sweeney’s book “A Chance For More” ~ be sure to stop by more than once today so you don’t miss any of the deliciousness!

A Chance for MoreThe wonderful party was drawing to a close. Clay got the truck and they piled in tired from the days events. When they arrived back to Shelby’s Mom’s ranch, Clay’s dad was there. The four of them sat and talked to them for a bit and then Sara and Danny headed off to bed. Clay asked Shelby to walk him out. They stood by Clay’s truck facing each other

“Shelby, I had a great time today.”

“I had fun too.”

“I’d like to see you again?”

“Clay, we talked about this. I like being with you. I have fun with you. I’m not going to be a notch in your cowboy belt.”

“Wow, you don’t think very highly of me do you.” Clay spat out more forcefully than he meant to.

Shelby put her hand on his arm and gave it a squeeze.

“Clay, it’s because I do think so much of you.” Shelby looked into his gorgeous green eyes and fingered a forlorn lock of his dark hair off his forehead.

“Yea, right.”

“Listen please understand, I had a really good time today. It was a good time because I was with you. You made it fun. You made it special.”

“So what’s the problem, Shel’s?”

“Clay, I saw how every girl looked at you. Don’t think I didn’t notice how they would touch you, brush against you. You can pick and choose from any chickie around. I’d like to hang out with you more while I’m here. I just know if we became more than friends…” Shelby looked right into Clays green eyes. “Clay, you would end up breaking my heart, and I’ve been there done that.”

“Shelby, come on. I would never hurt you. Maybe you would break my heart. We had a great day. I didn’t want to be with anyone but you. I tried to show you that today. I know sometimes the girls flirt, but I thought I did a good job keeping them at a distance?”

“Clay, that’s just it. I don’t want to cramp your style, so to speak.”

“That’s just crap Shelby.”

“Crap or not, we are friends and I hope we can remain friends. I want to visit my Mom and not feel uncomfortable when the neighbors visit.” Shelby nudged Clay with her elbow.

Clay looked down at Shelby. She was so much smaller than him. He had felt protective of her all night. Fact was that she could totally take care of herself though. She proved that when she kneed Lars, one of the biggest guy in the county, in his nuts. His friends had asked if she was with him, like as a girlfriend, and he had told them, yes she was with him. She’d probably kill him if she knew that, but there was no way he was giving his friends a green light when it came to her. He had told her as much. She made him laugh, she was smart, she was sweet, and she was great looking. He didn’t think she had any idea how beautiful she was; blond hair, a fan fucking-tastic curvaceous body, and her eyes, geez Caribbean ocean blue. Clay noticed they reflected her every mood. When she was being competitive they sparked and darkened. When she was laughing they lightened and brightened. God, he wondered what they’d look like when she was coming. Clay adjusted his stance as his cock began to demand more room in his jeans.

Clay took off his cowboy hat and ran one hand through his black hair. “I want to see you while your here, so I’ll try to be ‘just a friend’, but I’m telling you Shel’s, chemistry is chemistry.” Shelby cocked her head to the side. “That means darling, you can’t always control what comes natural.”

Clay dipped his head and pressed a warm, sweet kiss on Shelby’s mouth that she had been totally unprepared for. Before she could protest, he had pulled back. He then swiped her stunned plush lips with his thumb, got in his truck and took off.

Shelby watched him leave. His kiss had been brief but she had felt it clear to her toes. Shit, she thought, I’m in deep shit! She then laughed because she remembered his mischievous twinkle in his eyes as he ended the kiss.

Okay round one to Clay.

HOT!!!!!  I love me a good cowboy, and it sounds like Clay is going to be real good…if ya know what I mean!

Stop back later today for another sexy snippet!


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