An interview with Anastasia Grey

Hello, loves!!  I have a really special treat for you all today ~ an interview with the one and only Ana Grey from the most excellent “Darker Shades” RP group on Twitter!!!  {Happy Dance}

For those of you not familiar with the Darker Shades (@DarkerShades_RP) family on Twitter – they are an incredibly talented group that has continued the Fifty Shades story where the third book ended.  I adore the entire lot of them and I’m so thrilled that Ana has agreed to answer a few quick questions for me.  (And, readers, if you’re really nice…we may even get Christian to stop by!!!!! GAH!)

Thanks again to @Steele_AnaDK for taking time out of her day to chat with me.

AnaGreyDKFirst off, congratulations on your pregnancy! Shocking, I’m sure, but also wonderful! Spill it sister – are you secretly hoping for a girl??

I am hoping for healthy first and foremost. I would love nothing more than to see Christian with a girl. He would be more amazing than I could possibly imagine.

How is Teddy??

Teddy is amazing…our nearly 5 month old bundle of joy. He is so bubbly and full of personality. He always looks like he is pondering something. I think he will start to roll soon =)

Also, congratulations on the first edition of “Grey Seattle Sounds” coming out this month – how does it feel to have the first edition so close?

This has been a labor of love that I am so proud of Kate for taking it, forming it and making it what it will be. She is so talented.

Ethan and Christian sure had it out – did you see that coming? Did you know Ethan had such strong feelings towards you?

No….I didn’t see it coming. Ethan has feelings for me? What? He’s never said anything. **(Anna…really…he totally made a play for you! Christian punched him for it!)

It’s wonderful to hear your mother is moving near you, but how is she holding up with everything in her personal life?

Mama is strong. I feel so guilty because I think it’s my fault. I just want her happy…however that looks.

You and Christian have had some major ups and downs over the last few months – do you think this is helping you grow as a couple?

I will never let him go…no matter how hard he pushes…he will never let me go no matter how hard I pull…I love him **(SWOON!!)

Christian has certainly changed quite a bit since we all first met (and fell for) him *giggles* What changes have meant the most to you, or had the biggest effect on you and your family?

The biggest change is the acceptance in himself that he has a large capacity to and for love. I am honored that I could show him that.

Anything you’d like to say to your followers?

To my followers…you have all been so supportive to me through the good times, the bad and the even uglier. I am thankful you choose to read our ever changing story…show us love, respect and most of all your friendship. Meeting you has brought me such joy. I thank you all…@CGreyCEO_DK and I thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts. Because of you this is possible xxx


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