Better As A Memory by Marilyn Baxter

Front CoverAre the ones you’ve loved in the past really “Better As A Memory”, or could they be just as good (or even better) the second time around?

This is the question plaguing both Victoria Shapre and Max Brown as they find themselves face to face after years apart. Their hot love affair during college has been over for quite some time, but the two still find themselves totally and completely drawn to one another.

Victoria is an image consultant and Max has spent the last few years roughing it in the mountains. He’s returned to Atlanta to claim his trust fund by working for his father. But, as we all know, Mother knows best, and Max’s mom hires Victoria to turn Max into the businessman he needs to be.

Max and Victoria have secrets…will those secrets bring them together, or tear them apart? Can Victoria keep Max at arm’s length despite his ruggedly handsome good looks and his attempts to seduce her? Which dream will Max fulfil – the dream of a life with Victoria, or the dream of helping troubled kids get back on track?

This book is FULL of sexual tension – I mean FULL of it – and it’s SO HOT! Max is devilishly handsome and Victoria is dead sexy in her own right. Not only are the physical interactions in this book steamy (a study comes to mind), so are the thoughts the two have for one another throughout.

As readers of this blog know, I’m a BIG fan (HUGE) of POV shifts and this book does it spot on. Hearing what Max thinks of Victoria is such a turn on and every girl is going to giggle (and blush) a bit when reading what Victoria thinks of Max.

While this book does deal with some heavy topics, overall it is a nice, sexy read that is a great way to escape the dog days of summer. The characters are engaging and well-developed and I appreciated the quick pace at which things heat up. Better As A Memory is a ‘must-read’!

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Star Struck by Laurelin Paige ~ a review

“Heather Wainwright, Hollywood A-list actress, had been flirting shamelessly with a carpenter.”

StarStruckCoverI first fell in love with Laurelin Paige and her super sexy style of writing when I completely immersed myself in the Fixed trilogy a few months back. (If you haven’t read “Fixed”…please put it on your MUST DO list.)

Star Struck is the wonderfully steamy story of actress, Heather Wainwright and Production Designer, Seth Rafferty (he’s H.O.T ladies…H.O.T). When Heather and Seth meet during a fundraiser neither one has any idea how similar their pasts have been. When they first lay eyes on one another, Heather assumes Seth is nothing more than a worker on set (thus completely below her dating standards) and Seth assumes Heather is nothing more than a snotty, stuck up actress…what’s that they say about first impressions??

The two find themselves drawn to one another and throughout a series of events find they are better suited for each other than they originally assumed. But, will secrets they are both keeping tear them apart? Will Heather give in to her deepest desires? Will Seth accept Heather for who she really is?

Star Struck is a wonderfully paced novel that kept my attention throughout (mostly thanks to the really amazing sex scenes!) Paige does a fantastic job of framing her characters in a way that allows us to learn about them throughout the entire novel, not just in the first few chapters. Similar to the Fixed series, the main characters in this book are both flawed, but in a way that makes them completely loveable and perfect for one another.

What I love most about Paige’s writing is her ability to steam up my Kindle screen and follow it up with something so sweet it makes my teeth hurt! I remember the way Hudson used to circle Alayna’s nose with his in the Fixed Trilogy – and that small gesture used to give me butterflies every single time. The sweet gesture continues in Star Struck and it has exactly the same effect. It’s a perfectly planned and written gesture that has me swooning every single time.

One of my other favorite things about Star Struck is the shift in POV between Heather and Seth. Nothing gets me hooked like hearing from the man of the story now and then and Paige does it with ease. For instance…

“He was vaguely aware of an alarm going off in the back of his head, his conscience reminding him something about getting in and getting out.

Oh, he’d get in and get out all right. In and out all night long if she’d let him”

Seth has really great one-liners throughout this book that truly made me laugh out loud more than once. He is the definition of the perfect guy – hot, sweet, funny, hard-working, protective and a little bit of a Dom in the bedroom. {Smiles widely}

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading about amazing sexual tension and hot sex scenes with romance and humor sprinkled throughout.

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All I Want Is You ~ Toni Blake

AllIWantIsYouSometimes you have to create your own destiny…

Christy Knight grew up in Destiny, Ohio, but lately she feels that her future lies elsewhere. Her parents are gone and the beautiful jewelry she creates doesn’t pay the bills. Maybe it’s time for Christy to grow up and find a guy who’s smart, sexy, and solvent. Her rugged handyman neighbor fits the first two categories, but he’s all wrong for her. If only he didn’t have such captivating blue eyes.

Wary of trusting others, Jack DuVall hasn’t been entirely honest with Christy. He’s not really a handyman. He’s not really broke. And sharing the long drive to visit her beloved grandpa isn’t just about gallantry—he finds gorgeous, feisty Christy completely irresistible.

When secrets are exposed, Jack and Christy struggle to find their way back to one another, but the quirky seaside town of Coral Cove could prove the perfect place to find a red-hot destiny of their own.

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Final teaser ~ A Chance For More by Zanne Sweeney

Trouble in paradise??

Shelby needed a cab. She was pissed. Crap in Jersey she’d find a cab. Here in friggin Wyoming she’d have more luck hailing a horse. Realizing how ridiculous it was to be walking around in the crazy ass snowstorm, Shelby ducked into the first bar boasting a welcome sign. It was a bit of a dive, but it was warm. The only one in the entire place was a bartender. Perfect, she didn’t want company. She went to the bar and hoisted herself onto the stool and ordered a beer as she tried to regroup.

She had known he was a player. She should have kept Clay at friend status. Shelby had simply let her libido take over. She felt like an idiot. She just could not understand how he could go from sweet and attentive to making out with another girl in a matter of minutes. His friends must be having quite a laugh at her expense right now. No one had tried to even stop her when she left. She sickened again at the image of Clay kissing the leggy girl.

Shelby was nursing her beer and fiddling with her cocktail napkin. She failed to notice the two leather clad bikers that had strolled in. They closed in on either side of her, which jolted her back from her self-reprimanding. They reeked of alcohol, reefer, and motor oil.

“Hey Missy you need a refill?” The smaller biker asked as he pressed his chest against her back. Shelby looked from one man to the other. Geez could this night get worse. These jerks were seriously pulling this shit. Shelby was small but she took no crap, no matter who was dishing it.

“You miss the health class about self space?” She glared at the rude biker as she tried to stand up to leave.

“Ha-ha! I like that. You’re feisty.” The other biker chimed in.

Shelby looked down the bar towards the bartender to see he had disappeared. She was on her own with these morons.

“Boys you need to go find someone else to play with. I’ve had a shit day.”

Shelby was on her feet and heading for the door.

The larger of the men grabbed Shelby by the arm and pulled her back so she crashed roughly against his barrel like chest. “We kind’a like playing with you.”

“Let go of me you asshole.” Shelby kicked him in the shins but it didn’t seem to affect him. Crap, not good she thought. A prickle of real fear had her feeling the hair rise on the back of her neck. The other A-hole was enjoying the show, laughing, calling out instructions like, “Try to kiss her” and “does she got big tits?”

Shelby tried to wrench her arm free but the bulky man had a firm grip on her. She looked for the bartender hoping he had returned. Panic gripped Shelby, she was really in trouble here. A loud thud had her and her drunken detainer turning to see what had made the noise. The smaller, mouthy biker was knocked out cold under a nearby table, and very lethal looking Clay was shaking out a hand, a hand that had obviously put the smaller biker where he lay.

Clay closed his large hand over the large bikers thick, leather – encased forearm, ripping his hand off of Shelby’s arm. Shelby moved away quickly to stay out of his reach and stumbled awkwardly to the floor landing hard on her butt. Clay and the biker were trading serious blows. Shelby watched Clay land punches that had the biker grunting as they landed. The biker picked up a chair and Clay turned to deflect the blow with a raised arm his shoulder taking the brunt of the blow as the chair shattered on impact. Clay launched himself at the biker gripping the biker’s leather coat and heaving him against the bar. The inebriated bikers head snapped back from the force of his body hitting the bar. Clay took advantage by landing a brutal punch to the large man’s solar plexus. He then finished the staggering man off with a devastating blow to his chin; an upper cut that cracked the biker’s head back. Shelby heard bones crack and knew Clay had just busted the asshole’s jaw. The large bikers eyes rolled to the back of his head and he slumped to the floor unconscious.

Shelby remained on the floor. Clay flexed his shoulder that had been hit with the chair and shook his hand out again. Clays knuckles were scraped and he a welt emerging under his eye. He stepped back from the bar, breathing hard. Shelby could see that Clay’s posture was rigid. Waves of adrenalin coursed off him. His eyes were wild and sizzled with anger. Clay stepped to Shelby and helped her up. He released her hand once she was standing.

Clay’s jaw was set tight as he inspected her from head to toe. Shelby began to shiver uncontrollably. Clay had found her, beat the shit out of two men, one of them significantly larger, and he saved her sorry ass. Shelby also realized if he hadn’t she would have been in serious trouble. Clay ran his hand through his hair, and then abruptly turned from her. Seeing him turn from her crushed Shelby. She dropped her head into her hands and softly began to cry into her hands.

Clay heard her and his heart crumbled.

More about the author:

Zanne Sweeney is a graduate from Kent State University. She is a teacher, and coach, who loves to write stories that she hopes her readers won’t want to put down. “That’s the ultimate compliment.”

When she’s not teaching, coaching, or writing Zanne loves to spend time with her family and fun loving friends. She is a novice photographer, is a consummate sports fan, and never without a book to read.


Snippet #2 ~ A Chance For More

HELLO HOT STUFF!!!  Here’s another steamy scene from “A Chance For More” by Zanne Sweeney

Clay picked Shelby up under her ass. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he walked them to the bed. They continued to explore each other with their hands as their tongues fought for dominance. Clay was so hard he felt his jeans zipper imprinting on his cock. He placed his hand under Shelby’s chin and forced her to look at him.

His voice was ragged as he fought for control. “Shel’s, I want to be with you more than you can even imagine, but I want you to want it too.”

Shelby knew Clay deserved her honesty. She wanted him to understand how she felt.

“I’m afraid Clay. I don’t want to get hurt. I’m not a one and done girl. I don’t know what this is. What we are.” Shelby paused and dragged in a breath. “I do know you make me want more, more time, more kisses, more you.”

Clay bookended her face with his hands and dropped her forehead to hers. “I want more too, Shel’s. We can do this. We can have more.” He whispered huskily.

Shelby slid her hands into Clays hair and pulled him down so she could kiss him. Right before she devoured him she murmured, “More.”

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Book Blast ~ A Chance For More

Today I’ll be featuring some very sexy scenes from Zanne Sweeney’s book “A Chance For More” ~ be sure to stop by more than once today so you don’t miss any of the deliciousness!

A Chance for MoreThe wonderful party was drawing to a close. Clay got the truck and they piled in tired from the days events. When they arrived back to Shelby’s Mom’s ranch, Clay’s dad was there. The four of them sat and talked to them for a bit and then Sara and Danny headed off to bed. Clay asked Shelby to walk him out. They stood by Clay’s truck facing each other

“Shelby, I had a great time today.”

“I had fun too.”

“I’d like to see you again?”

“Clay, we talked about this. I like being with you. I have fun with you. I’m not going to be a notch in your cowboy belt.”

“Wow, you don’t think very highly of me do you.” Clay spat out more forcefully than he meant to.

Shelby put her hand on his arm and gave it a squeeze.

“Clay, it’s because I do think so much of you.” Shelby looked into his gorgeous green eyes and fingered a forlorn lock of his dark hair off his forehead.

“Yea, right.”

“Listen please understand, I had a really good time today. It was a good time because I was with you. You made it fun. You made it special.”

“So what’s the problem, Shel’s?”

“Clay, I saw how every girl looked at you. Don’t think I didn’t notice how they would touch you, brush against you. You can pick and choose from any chickie around. I’d like to hang out with you more while I’m here. I just know if we became more than friends…” Shelby looked right into Clays green eyes. “Clay, you would end up breaking my heart, and I’ve been there done that.”

“Shelby, come on. I would never hurt you. Maybe you would break my heart. We had a great day. I didn’t want to be with anyone but you. I tried to show you that today. I know sometimes the girls flirt, but I thought I did a good job keeping them at a distance?”

“Clay, that’s just it. I don’t want to cramp your style, so to speak.”

“That’s just crap Shelby.”

“Crap or not, we are friends and I hope we can remain friends. I want to visit my Mom and not feel uncomfortable when the neighbors visit.” Shelby nudged Clay with her elbow.

Clay looked down at Shelby. She was so much smaller than him. He had felt protective of her all night. Fact was that she could totally take care of herself though. She proved that when she kneed Lars, one of the biggest guy in the county, in his nuts. His friends had asked if she was with him, like as a girlfriend, and he had told them, yes she was with him. She’d probably kill him if she knew that, but there was no way he was giving his friends a green light when it came to her. He had told her as much. She made him laugh, she was smart, she was sweet, and she was great looking. He didn’t think she had any idea how beautiful she was; blond hair, a fan fucking-tastic curvaceous body, and her eyes, geez Caribbean ocean blue. Clay noticed they reflected her every mood. When she was being competitive they sparked and darkened. When she was laughing they lightened and brightened. God, he wondered what they’d look like when she was coming. Clay adjusted his stance as his cock began to demand more room in his jeans.

Clay took off his cowboy hat and ran one hand through his black hair. “I want to see you while your here, so I’ll try to be ‘just a friend’, but I’m telling you Shel’s, chemistry is chemistry.” Shelby cocked her head to the side. “That means darling, you can’t always control what comes natural.”

Clay dipped his head and pressed a warm, sweet kiss on Shelby’s mouth that she had been totally unprepared for. Before she could protest, he had pulled back. He then swiped her stunned plush lips with his thumb, got in his truck and took off.

Shelby watched him leave. His kiss had been brief but she had felt it clear to her toes. Shit, she thought, I’m in deep shit! She then laughed because she remembered his mischievous twinkle in his eyes as he ended the kiss.

Okay round one to Clay.

HOT!!!!!  I love me a good cowboy, and it sounds like Clay is going to be real good…if ya know what I mean!

Stop back later today for another sexy snippet!

The Vixen and The Vet ~ a review

*Just in time for the most patriotic time of the year, this love story will fill you full of hope*

VixenReaders of this blog and followers on my social media sites will not be surprised by this next statement – I LOVE KATY REGNERY! Katy has been a consistent author in my life since before starting this blog and I have such a blast with her. I’m not quite sure how we got connected on Twitter, but after reading “Playing for Love at Deep Haven” a while back I’ve been devouring her books as quickly as she publishes them.

Her latest book “The Vixen and the Vet” is a stroke of pure genius. I recall that when Katy posted on Facebook she’d started writing a new novel on her vacation (Tsk Tsk!) I was a bit skeptical – a story based loosely based on “Beauty and the Beast”? I had my doubts. Not anymore. This is, without question, my new favorite Katy book.

This modern day fairy tale remix includes the wonderfully sassy Savannah Carmichael and war veteran Asher Lee. Savannah has lived quite the charmed life, growing up with her loving family in Danver, VA then packing up and moving to New York City where she was (until very recently) a successful, up and coming newspaper reporter. Due to a very unfortunate turn of events involving a heart breaker of a man, Savannah is forced to move back home with her parents and attempt to get her life, and her career, back on track.

Asher Lee considers himself a monster. After surviving an IED explosion that severely damaged his face and leg and completely took his right hand, he has shut himself off from the world in his late-parents lovely mansion outside of town for the past eight years. His only contact is with Miss Potts, a dear friend of his family who lives, cooks, cleans and shops for Asher…and also seems to know him better then he knows himself.

When Savannah is given another chance at rebuilding her career by writing a “tug at the heartstrings” lifestyle piece for a newspaper in Phoenix, she thinks of the veteran in the mansion on the hill and decides what better way to tug at the heartstrings of the American public than to write the story of the injured war veteran who returned home to a less than warm welcome.

When Asher agrees to let Savannah interview him he has no idea what he’s getting himself into, and Savannah has no idea she’s about to come face to face with the most interesting man she’s ever met. The two find themselves completely and totally drawn to one another and must deal with the reality of life outside the privacy of Asher’s physical and emotional walls.

Will Savannah and Asher survive life outside of his home? Does Asher have the strength and courage to create a life with Savannah? Does Savannah have what it takes to be in love with a man, and her career?

This is a beautiful story of life, love and longing. Katy does an amazing job of bringing Savannah and Asher to life in a way that is all consuming – I read this book over a month ago, and have continued to think about it every day since! You’ll find yourself laughing, swooning, blushing, crying and rooting for them as they move through their relationship. I was drawn to each character from the very first page, and they kept my attention to the very last word. This is one book I did NOT want to end…in fact I’ve practically begged Katy to write a few more pages so I can read more about Asher and Savannah.

Katy’s writing is so heartfelt and meaningful, it takes my breath away at times. She does a brilliant job in this book making you feel everything while you read – including love and pride for our soldiers and those who care for them. If there is only one book you read this summer, please make it The Vixen and The Vet.

**HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE – for June & July, Katy will be donating 50% of all her profits to the UCLA based Operation Mend.  Please tell your friends, and their friends, and their friends…hell, tell your enemies to buy this book!  Let’s support our troops and Operation Mend!!!**

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