Various States of Undress: Carolina ~ a review

ImageHIP HIP HOORAY!!!  Laura Simcox’s new book is NOW AVAILABLE for download!!  I think you’re going to ADORE VSU:Carolina and here’s why…

The President’s daughter. A sexy secret service agent. A cabin in the middle of nowhere, Montana during a snowstorm. If that’s not enough to entice you to read this breakout novel by Laura Simcox, I’m not sure what is!

This is the very hot, very sexy, very wonderful story of Carolina (Care Bear) Fulton, daughter of POTUS (for all you Veep fans) and Jake (not Jason) Baxter, the handsome secret service agent assigned to protect her. Carolina finds herself needing space from the very public eye of living in the White House and decides to take a few weeks away to relax at the family cabin in Montana. Of course, Jake must also go and of course a wicked snowstorm leaves them alone together for several days…and of course all kinds of sparks fly.

If you’re like me, you’re already imagining what Jake looks like out of his suit and tie…

Not only to Carolina and Jake find themselves undeniably attracted to one another – they also find themselves living similar lives – each following a life path that is not their true passion. Can Carolina and Jake let themselves fall for one another? Will they continue living the lives they “should” lead instead of the lives they “want” to lead? And the biggest question of them all – if they give into everything they want to, how will it affect the lives of everyone around them?

Laura’s writing is sweet, romantic, sexy and full of humor. There are some wonderfully delicious sex scenes in this book that are guaranteed to capture your attention and leave you wanting more all at once. Best of all, this book captures what so many people think day in and day out “What if I took the leap and started doing what I really wanted to do with my life?” Could it really be that easy to be happy?

This is the first book I’ve read from Laura, and I’m very anxious to read more – which I’ll be able to do very soon! The President has three daughters and they all find love! Read about Virginia in August and Georgia in January! *Hooray!*

Find and interact with Laura on Facebook, Twitter and her website where you can find your own secret service code name!


3 thoughts on “Various States of Undress: Carolina ~ a review

  1. I love this review…you really ‘got’ Jake and Carolina. Thank you so much!! I loved writing this story, and I can’t wait to share the next two sisters’ stories. 😀

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