Better Deeds Than Words ~ a review

Image“true love…cannot speak; For truth hath better deeds than words to grace it.” ~Shakespeare

This romance by Georgina Guthrie is the much anticipated follow up to “The Weight of Words” (which I fell totally in love with and also reviewed here). We fall back into the lives of graduate student Aubrey, and TA Daniel, right where we left off in book one. The couple has shared a first kiss and are anxiously X’ing off the days on their calendars until they can share all of themselves with one another…six long weeks!!

Daniel reaches full on “book boyfriend” status in this book – between the gifts he sends Aubrey, the personalized cards he makes her for the last days before graduation and his most excellent weekend getaway to celebrate…(ahem)…his deeds are certainly more than his words. Although, his words are pretty damn sexy too – “I’m having trouble focusing. I see you everywhere in my apartment. I can’t even brush my teeth without picturing you sitting on the vanity watching me shave. Have you any idea the self-control I had to muster that morning? You’re so tantalizing.” And that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of how damn sweet and sexy he is.

Aubrey is her regular foul-mouthed self (LOVE HER!) continuing to walk the line between what she desperately wants (Daniel) and keeping the promises she’s made (steering clear of Daniel until the semester ends). She’s got quite the vixen tongue herself – “My knee caps are fine, thank you. They’re remarkably resilient. One day you’ll see exactly what I mean.” (Wink, Wink) Aubrey is a breath of fresh air for Daniel and he is slowly teaching Aubrey to speak up and accept help offered to her.

I adored this second installment as it gives the readers some great insight into the past lives of Daniel, Aubrey and their families.  I can certainly sense the set-up for book three (which will hopefully land in November) – I can’t wait to read about the BIG things that are no doubt yet to come for this incredible couple.  There are quite a few demons lurking in the shadows working to pull apart these two wonderful souls and I’m curious to see how they are dealt with.  One person in particular in this book certainly went away without a fight…and I’m not so sure her story is finished.  **Of note- if you appreciated the hand-holding innocence of “Weight of Words” you’ll be surprised by the hot, sexy scenes in “Better Deeds Than Words” (I for one was pleasantly surprised).

Even more, the Shakespeare quotes used to kick off each chapter, along with those infused by both characters, turn GG’s writing from “basic” romance to a more intellectual stimulating read – similar to the writing of Sylvain Reynard. I truly cannot wait for November, and as I told GG via Twitter – I’ll be counting the days…using little red X’s.

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3 thoughts on “Better Deeds Than Words ~ a review

  1. Thank you for the post and giveaway! I love this series and am so excited to read Better Deeds than Words. Fingers crossed for the giveaway! 🙂

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