Reasonable Doubt 1 & 2 ~ a review


I stumbled upon the talented Whitney G. completely by accident a few days ago.  Reasonable Doubt #1 was on sale and I figured ‘eh, what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.’  WOW.  WOW WOW WOW.  I read RD1 in just under 2 hours.  I read RD2 in just over an hour.  I FLEW through them – and for good reason.  These books are sexually charged, panty dropping, toe curling, lightening fast gems.

These books revolve around Thoreau…er…Andrew and Alyssa…er…Aubrey (You’ll understand when you read it…trust me!) who meet on an online site specifically designed for lawyers to come together and share insights and swap war room stories.  Andrew wants two things – one night only sex (no repeats) and honesty.  Aubrey needs two things – a law internship and her parents to understand her one true love is ballet.

You can probably guess how these two meet…and you can probably guess from my description above how HOT their interactions are.  What you probably won’t guess is the undercurrent of these books.  There is quite a dual story line developing here and I’m DYING to know how it’s going to pan out {Shouts to Whitney G.} PLEASE BRING ME #3 ASAP!!!!

Learn more about the fabulousness that is Whitney G. on Facebook, Twitter and her website (she’s super cool and funny, people!)

Download RD 1 & 2 along with Whitney’s other books here.


2 thoughts on “Reasonable Doubt 1 & 2 ~ a review

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