Southern Fried Blues ~ a review

ImageSouthern Charm with a Northern Twist

I reckon this is the most charming story I’ve had the pleasure of reading in quite some time…don’t cha know.

Southern-fried Jackson is an Air Force man, and Northern-bred Anna is an ex-wife of an Air Force man. The two are brought together by a rowdy group of fire ants who have invaded Anna’s car and make her late for her first night of classes at the local college.

While Anna is trying desperately to put her life in order – as only she so meticulously can – Jackson is living his the way he has always wanted – working, eating, hunting and spending time with his dog. Both have sworn off marriage and the seriousness that love includes. But can Jackson stay away from Anna’s amazing pie? Can Anna turn a blind eye to the handsome, southern gentleman that makes her laugh again?

Jamie had me feeling the warmth of a Southern kitchen with Jackson’s sweet talkin’ along with the Minnesota nice of Anna’s upbringing. Between the drawl of Jackson’s family and friends and the “You betcha’s” running through Anna’s mind – you’ll get quite the language lesson during this read – and every word fits perfectly.

This is the second novel of Jamie’s I’ve read and I found it to be quite different from “Mr. Good Enough”. This read is full of southern charm and sexiness delivered in a way that’s funny and sweet. Lovers of Katy Regnery’s “Heart of Montana” series will enjoy this as well and those who like a little heat will find at least two places that will get their temperature rising…a lot…

At twenty-nine chapters and an Epilogue, this is not a quick read, but trust me when I tell you there’s not a minute you’d replace.

**Check out this great book trailer on Jamie’s Blog:

**You can also find Jamie on Twitter and Facebook (where you’ll learn all about a tiny, red haired ninja).


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