Capturing the Cowboy’s Heart – a review

ImageHot, Fast and Sexy are three words I would use to describe this book (and subsequently how I imagine I most cowboys). This is the first book of Lindsey’s I’ve read, and I’m certainly glad I gave it, and her, a shot. 

This book is the story of the meddling reporter, Lacy Dalton, and angry (in a very sexy way) cowboy Cade Tyler who lost his wife to a car accident two years previous. Cade is an ex-rodeo man who now spends his days looking after his ranch with the help of his best friend, Burk. Lacy arrives on scene to do a story on Cade, his rodeo career, and his life since he’s left riding. Her arrival is a complete surprise to Cade (well done, Burk, well done) and Cade, of course, resists. Lacy, being the stubborn reporter she is, gets Cade to do the interview by agreeing to be his ranch hand for as long as she stays…not an easy task for a city girl.

Lacy, Cade, Burk, and the resident mutt embark on an adventure that’s full of highs and lows of all kinds. Cade finds himself torn between the grief and memories of his late wife, and his new, uncomfortably real feelings for Lacy. While Lacy struggles with writing a story that could help her career, but possibly hurt Cade in the process.  Lacy not only finds her self falling for Cade, but for life on the ranch in general.

As I read about this dynamic couple, my emotions ran the gamut – anxious, curious, turned-on, sad, worried, and happy. What I think I enjoyed most about this book was just when I thought it was over, I got more!   Between Lacy’s never-ending descriptions of how hot Cade looks in his jeans, to the way Cade fantasizes about Lacy’s lips – this book will certainly turn up the heat wherever you are reading.

Lindsey does a great job of letting the characters write the story for her – she doesn’t force or manipulate situations just to add pages to the book.  Her writing is free and easy like a summer day and her “heat” is right up there with other books I’ve read – giving us a little taste of what life with a cowboy is all about. YeeHaw!!

As I said before, this is a fairly fast read and would be a wonderful beach/vacation book as we head into summertime all around the country.

Find Lindsey on Twitter, Facebook and on her website where you can read all about her other books and see pictures of toilet seat serving dishes.


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