A cheap man…

ImageNow that I have your attention…FOR A LIMITED TIME you can snag the wonderful “Mr. Good Enough” by Jamie Farrell for only .99 cents via Amazon!  I was introduced to Jamie by Katy Regnery, and we all know how I feel about Katy, so I knew right off the bat I would enjoy Jamie’s work.

I have not done a proper review of Mr. Good Enough (shame on me!) so I’ll do a brief overview here.  This book is a great read full of sweet, funny, difficult and cringe-worthy moments.  It is the story of Maddie, who is doing her best to build a dating site while trying to get her own dating life in order and Trent, the high school basketball star returned from the dead.  The dead, you ask?  Am I serious?  Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out! {wink}

Trent and Maggie have history – mostly awkward, embarrassing history – and it’s quite fun to read about their reunion from both perspectives.  It’s not a fast read as Jamie is amazing with setting scenes, developing characters, writing about their history, and getting us really invested in every part of the story.  This is a perfect read if you have a rainy day inside or a car ride/flight ahead of you.

Trust me – you will not be disappointed in this read.  While it may have been a bit long for my taste, there was never a moment when I was bored (as has happened with other books).   And for .99 cents what do you have to lose?!  Give “Mr. Good Enough” a chance and I’ll think you’ll find it’s much better than “just good enough”.

Visit Jamie on the web, Facebook (her kid moments will make you LOL!) and Twitter.


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