Fire at Twilight – a review

ImageThis is a brand new author for me and I’m so pleased to say I really enjoyed this book, the first in the “The Firefighters of Darling Bay” series. This story follows the journey of acupuncturist, Grace and firefighter, Tox. (Come on ladies, who doesn’t love a firefighter?!) The two could not be more different if they tried, but they find themselves drawn to one another in a seemingly magnetic way.

Tox is rough, tough, crass and all man. Grace is an all-natural fixer by nature who is constantly working to make everyone’s lives “better”…or so she thinks. Grace and Tox are introduced in a rather embarrassing way – as the air conditioner in Graces’ clinic starts on fire, she attempts to put it out and upon finishing the job promptly passes out into Tox’s arms (not a bad place to be by all standards). Tox finds himself constantly thinking about Grace – a new feeling for him – and does his best to romance her while Grace tries to come to terms with the way everything about Tox makes her hot, and clumsy.

This story moves along at a rapid pace (which I very much enjoy) and makes for a wonderful beach/vacation read. The writing is witty, sweet, and hot in a few parts. The bedroom scenes are “closed door” making her writing very similar to Katy Regnery’s “Heart of Montana” series.

The greatest thing about Lila – she actually works at a firehouse! She’s a dispatcher! *Hey, Lila, is there a “Bring a Reader to Work day”??

You can find Lila on Twitter, Facebook (GO THERE NOW! It’s full of HOT firefighters!!) and the web.

P.S. The three book Darling Bay boxed set is available via Amazon and other online retailers. Visit her website for more information.


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