By Proxy – a review

ImageThis book kicks off the “Heart of Montana” series and it’s the perfect beginning to the Lindstrom Family journey – with little sister Jenny.

Jenny is the prototypical small-town girl – a smart, funny and beautiful teacher with three very big, and very protective, brothers (all swoon-worthy I may add). She agrees to stand proxy for her best friend Ingrid who is stationed overseas, pregnant, and desperate to find a way to marry Kristian who is in Afghanistan.  Enter Sam Kelley.  Sam is the prototypical city-slicker – hot, charming, and getting on Jenny’s last nerve by being late for the proxy wedding vows.

When Sam finally arrives, an hour too late to complete the vows, Jenny finds herself literally falling for him. When the pair are told they will not be able to speak the proxy vows until Monday, Sam agrees to follow Jenny to her hometown and spend the weekend.  There the pair begin a weekend that is so damn sweet it will make your teeth hurt!!

I fell completely in love with Sam and Jenny.  Their story, their banter, and their pure connection as a couple were amazingly written. Even though I knew how their story would end (because I read this book last instead of first) – I still loved reading every word of it. The other totally awesome part about this book is we get teeny tiny glimpses into the lives of the Lindstrom boys – Lars, Nils and Erik – who I’ve become to love through their own stories. It was great to read a bit about each of them before their lives were turned upside down by great women.  *NOTE – the Heart of Montana series can easily be read as stand-alone novels. 

Because this is Katy’s first book, readers of her most recent works will find this to be different – very full of sweet, and very little heat. However, it works perfectly for this story because Jenny is so darn sweet and Sam will do just about anything to keep her…including extinguishing his own fires to make her feel safe and comfortable.

This is a perfect read for anyone who enjoys a super sweet winter romance without bedroom scenes.

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