See Jane Fall ~ a review

ImageLet me start by saying – this is, hands down, Katy’s best work yet.  While I very much enjoyed her other books (see my five-star reviews below) this book completely BLEW ME AWAY.   Bravo, Katy, Bravo!!

This amazing read is the magical story of Jane Mays and Lars Lindstrom.  Some of you may recognize the name “Lindstrom” from Katy’s last novel – Midsummer Sweetheart -same family…very different man.  Swoon-worthy Lars Lindstrom completely swept me off my feet and left me utterly breathless.  And Jane reminded me very much of myself – with her uncontrollable curly hair, sassy talk and over-thinking tendencies.

When Jane arrives in Montana to prep for her supermodel cousin’s photo shoot, she finds herself under the watchful eye of the handsome Yellowstone tour guide Lars.  They’re both immediately taken with one another by way of witty banter, sexual tension and stolen glances.  But, alas, Jane knows who’s just around the corner – her awful, wretched, horrible cousin, supermodel Samara Amaya – who makes sport of men wherever she goes.  (Ladies…never have I hated a villain more than I despised Samara, not even Elena in Fifty Shades!!)  The moment Samara lands, we are thrust into a tangled mess of emotions that makes See Jane Fall one of the best reads ever.

Throughout the book, Jane and Lars find themselves in a battle not only over their feelings for one another, but also their duty to career and family.  The push and pull throughout the entire story is what made it absolutely perfect.  And to top it off – Katy does an incredible job of getting us revved up for two (maybe three???)  more books in the Heart of Montana series (I WANT THEM NOW!)

Katy has always had a knack for character development, but she (again) takes it to a whole new level in this book.  I felt honest-to-goodness real feelings while reading this, resulting in a very angry trip to the grocery store for ice cream thanks to a number of pulse-pounding, butterfly-inducing, hold-my-breath anxiety moments.  (And a message to Katy asking her to please stop making me feel “all the feelings” for make-believe characters.)

In the end, all I have to say is – if you don’t download this book “You’re making a mistake.  You’re making a mistake.  You’re making a mistake.”

See the beautiful See Jane Fall trailer here

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