Naked by Raine Miller – a review

ImageWHAM BAM Thank you Raine!!!  This book, the first in a series, has everything I love – a hot man, hot sex and a quick story line that left me breathless for more.  If you loved the Crossfire Series – you are going to fall head over heels for Ethan and Brynne.

I’d heard about Ethan Blackstone and Brynne Bennett in the same place I’ve heard of most main book characters in the last year – Twitter.  I knew this was a story I wanted to dive into and I did my best to keep from following their characters so nothing was spoiled for me…and I’m certainly glad I did!

Naked is a fire-cracker story about lust, secrets, sex, power and pretty much everything in between.  Ethan is one hot brit (think David Gandy, ladies) and Brynne is the sexy woman who has caught his eye even before he purchases her naked photo.  Ethan, in pure dominant form, talks Brynne into allowing him to give her a ride back to her flat after the show.  Brynee, who knows better than to trust strangers, accepts and finds herself enthralled with the tall, dark and handsome stranger immediately.

We follow along as both Ethan and Brynne work through their complicated feelings for one another.  Ethan – to the best of our knowledge – has never fallen quite so hard for a woman and Brynne has her walls built up so high it’s surprising she ever stepped foot in his luxurious Range Rover.  The two quickly realize there’s no staying away from one another and decide to give it a go.

My favorite thing about this book is how quickly it moves.  I’m a busy gal.  I like a story that moves fast and furious and engages me every step of the way – and with a quick 12 chapters, Naked did just that.  But even though the story barrels along at high speed, Miller still does a remarkable job of developing Brynne, her relationship with Ethan, and begins a story line that I can only imagine is going to be full of twists and turns.  (From what I hear – each book is even better and more passionate than the last.)   

The first chapter of All In – the second book in the Blackstone Series –is included at the end of Naked and I’m extremely delighted to read it’s written from Ethan’s POV.   I can’t wait to lose myself with Brynne and Ethan for another few days.


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