See Jane Fall ~ a review

ImageLet me start by saying – this is, hands down, Katy’s best work yet.  While I very much enjoyed her other books (see my five-star reviews below) this book completely BLEW ME AWAY.   Bravo, Katy, Bravo!!

This amazing read is the magical story of Jane Mays and Lars Lindstrom.  Some of you may recognize the name “Lindstrom” from Katy’s last novel – Midsummer Sweetheart -same family…very different man.  Swoon-worthy Lars Lindstrom completely swept me off my feet and left me utterly breathless.  And Jane reminded me very much of myself – with her uncontrollable curly hair, sassy talk and over-thinking tendencies.

When Jane arrives in Montana to prep for her supermodel cousin’s photo shoot, she finds herself under the watchful eye of the handsome Yellowstone tour guide Lars.  They’re both immediately taken with one another by way of witty banter, sexual tension and stolen glances.  But, alas, Jane knows who’s just around the corner – her awful, wretched, horrible cousin, supermodel Samara Amaya – who makes sport of men wherever she goes.  (Ladies…never have I hated a villain more than I despised Samara, not even Elena in Fifty Shades!!)  The moment Samara lands, we are thrust into a tangled mess of emotions that makes See Jane Fall one of the best reads ever.

Throughout the book, Jane and Lars find themselves in a battle not only over their feelings for one another, but also their duty to career and family.  The push and pull throughout the entire story is what made it absolutely perfect.  And to top it off – Katy does an incredible job of getting us revved up for two (maybe three???)  more books in the Heart of Montana series (I WANT THEM NOW!)

Katy has always had a knack for character development, but she (again) takes it to a whole new level in this book.  I felt honest-to-goodness real feelings while reading this, resulting in a very angry trip to the grocery store for ice cream thanks to a number of pulse-pounding, butterfly-inducing, hold-my-breath anxiety moments.  (And a message to Katy asking her to please stop making me feel “all the feelings” for make-believe characters.)

In the end, all I have to say is – if you don’t download this book “You’re making a mistake.  You’re making a mistake.  You’re making a mistake.”

See the beautiful See Jane Fall trailer here

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Hi all –

Today I’m sharing a post Sylvain Reynard has on Facebook and Twitter.  He’s making an all call to authors who may be willing to donate to a fundraiser for an 8th month old who has been diagnosed with cancer.  If you are an author and would like to help, please email Enn as outlined below.  If you are a reader (which I’m guessing you are if you’re here) consider making a donation once more details are released.  Thank you!

I’m joining a fundraiser to help a friend of Enn Bocci’s, whose eight month old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Because of the location of the cancer, it’s possible the she won’t be able to walk.

If you’re an author or if you’d like to donate a gift to our fundraiser, please email Enn:

Enn is putting together the fundraiser now. I’ll be donating autographed copies of my novels.
Thank you for your support. Please send prayers and positive thoughts to this baby and her family.

Cover Reveal!!!

ImageToday I’m super excited to be part of the See Jane Fall cover reveal!!  This is the next book in the Heart of Montana series written by the lovely and talented Katy Regnery. 

Katy was gracious enough to provide me with an excerpt of this lovely story – shared below.  I certainly hope you’ll put this book on your MUST READ list, and until it’s release on March 29, take some time to read the others in the series- By Proxy, Christmas Wish and Midsummer Sweetheart (reviewed on this blog!!!).  These books can be read in order, or as stand-alone treats.


Excerpt from “See Jane Fall,” Heart of Montana #3 by Katy Regnery:
“You know you’re cute, right, Jane?” Lars asked.
“You don’t have to say that.”
“I wouldn’t if it wasn’t true.”
“All part of the service.”
“Nope, that’s my personal opinion.”
Jane had had just about enough. “You don’t have to do that.” An edge crept into her tone.
He pulled over to the side of the road, put the car in park and cut the engine, looking at her. “I don’t have to do what?”
“You don’t need to butter me up. You don’t need to flatter me. I’m the assistant. Let me school you here, Professor… I’m the girl that’s the friend, Lars. I’m the girl you talk to about the girl you’re going out with on Friday night. I’m the girl who tells you which restaurant to take her to, and what kind of wine she hopes you’ll order. I’ll even come over beforehand and help you pick out what shirt to wear, and if you forget your wallet while you’re out with her, I’ll jimmy your bedroom window open, find it in the pants you wore yesterday and drive it over to the restaurant. And when I hand it to you, she’ll look at me like I’m nothing…and–”
“Stop talking.” In an instant he had unsnapped his seatbelt, unsnapped hers, slipped one arm around her waist and pulled her across the seat next to him.
He placed his hands on either side of her face and before she could completely get her head around what was about to happen, she felt his lips brush gently, but firmly, across hers.
Her eyes closed, tearing up from the unexpected sweetness of his reassurance, and as her lips opened in surprise, she kissed him back. His fingers played with her curls, tilting her face exactly how he wanted it, moving his lips with more urgency.
She lowered her hands to rest her knuckles on his thighs, and he moved his hands from her face down her arms to her hips where she felt his fingers curl into fists along the waistband of her jeans as the kiss deepened, as he slipped his tongue into her mouth and pulled her closer to him. His tongue plunged deeper, satiny and stroking, making her dizzy from the contact, her breathing fast and fierce as her palms pushed down on this iron muscles of his thighs.
Her heart pounded, her head was spinning, her insides a swirling mess of longing and warning, feuding in the overwhelmed territory between her head and her heart. She felt his fingers graze the skin of her waist under her shirt, which made goose bumps rise all over her body, and somehow prompted her back to reality.
“Wait.” Jane drew back, panting. She didn’t dare look into his eyes, staring at her hands on his leg instead, listening to the sound of her breathing, which was amplified in her ears, heavy and ragged.
She unfurled her fingers and reached up to touch the tender, hot skin of her lips with a tentative caress, finally looking up at Lars. He was watching her, searching her face with a frank, unapologetic, unwavering gaze. She read it quickly; Hungry for more, but happy with what he’d just gotten.

Naked by Raine Miller – a review

ImageWHAM BAM Thank you Raine!!!  This book, the first in a series, has everything I love – a hot man, hot sex and a quick story line that left me breathless for more.  If you loved the Crossfire Series – you are going to fall head over heels for Ethan and Brynne.

I’d heard about Ethan Blackstone and Brynne Bennett in the same place I’ve heard of most main book characters in the last year – Twitter.  I knew this was a story I wanted to dive into and I did my best to keep from following their characters so nothing was spoiled for me…and I’m certainly glad I did!

Naked is a fire-cracker story about lust, secrets, sex, power and pretty much everything in between.  Ethan is one hot brit (think David Gandy, ladies) and Brynne is the sexy woman who has caught his eye even before he purchases her naked photo.  Ethan, in pure dominant form, talks Brynne into allowing him to give her a ride back to her flat after the show.  Brynee, who knows better than to trust strangers, accepts and finds herself enthralled with the tall, dark and handsome stranger immediately.

We follow along as both Ethan and Brynne work through their complicated feelings for one another.  Ethan – to the best of our knowledge – has never fallen quite so hard for a woman and Brynne has her walls built up so high it’s surprising she ever stepped foot in his luxurious Range Rover.  The two quickly realize there’s no staying away from one another and decide to give it a go.

My favorite thing about this book is how quickly it moves.  I’m a busy gal.  I like a story that moves fast and furious and engages me every step of the way – and with a quick 12 chapters, Naked did just that.  But even though the story barrels along at high speed, Miller still does a remarkable job of developing Brynne, her relationship with Ethan, and begins a story line that I can only imagine is going to be full of twists and turns.  (From what I hear – each book is even better and more passionate than the last.)   

The first chapter of All In – the second book in the Blackstone Series –is included at the end of Naked and I’m extremely delighted to read it’s written from Ethan’s POV.   I can’t wait to lose myself with Brynne and Ethan for another few days.


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Coffee with Katy ~ Part 3

ImageToday is World Book Day!!  I can’t think of a better way to honor this day than to write a blog about BOOKS, especially favorite books from one of my favorite authors – Katy Regnery!  For those of you just joining us, I’ve known Katy for a little while now.  I met her on Twitter before I ever read any of her books and found her to be free-spirited, fun-loving, engaging and super duper sweet.  I was BLOWN AWAY by the first book of hers I read, Playing For Love at Deep Haven.  So much so, that I started THIS BLOG because of it!

Katy has been very supportive of this blog, and agreed to answer a whole bunch of questions that I had for her – some of which I’ve been featuring here.  Today, I thought it would be perfect to ask her…

What’s your favorite book/series of all time?
    My all-time favorite book is “Welcome to the Monkey House” by Kurt Vonnegut. Honestly, I think it’s the best collection of short stories ever written. Vonnegut was a master at concision, adept at multiple genres – “The Long Walk to Forever” is, in my opinion, one of the most romantic short stories ever penned, yet he still manages to induce cringe-worthy discomfort in the coming-of-age story “The Lie.” “Who Am I This Time” and “Miss Temptation” are two stories that take different aspects of community theater to extrapolate on the human condition. “Welcome to the Monkey House” is a masterpiece of dystopian science fiction. And each one – every single story, all of which I’ve read tens of times – is gripping and compelling and has that satisfying “ah-ha!” moment.  Novels are wonderful, but so are short stories and they have the benefit of being, well…short.

     As for my favorite series? That’s such a hard question…I loved the Fifty Shades series…I loved the Crossfire series. I get really into the Jessica Sorenson angsty NA series like Callie & Kayden and Ella & Micha. Honestly, the answer to this question changes from year to year as my tastes change.

I’m a lot like Katy – my answer to the question “What’s your favorite book of all time” changes season to season.  I’m the kind of reader that generally falls head over heels in love with every book I read.  However, I will have to say I do have some all-time favorites…

My first favorite book ever was the Ryan White- My Own Story.  I read this book in Middle School and feel in love with Ryan and his story.  I never lost my passion for talking about HIV/AIDS and was able to spend two amazing semesters in college working with people living with the disease, and still continue to educate people about it whenever I can.

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey (Yes, I know the controversy and I don’t care one bit!)  I also loved the follow up My Friend Leonard.  These are great reads no matter how you feel about Frey or his life.  I personally don’t mind if every thing he wrote wasn’t 100% true or accurate, he is a wonderful writer.

I’ve read and loved every single one of the Stephanie Plum novels (there are 20!!) by Janet Evanovich.  If you haven’t read anything by her – please put One For The Money (the first in the series) on your list.  These are great vacation/beach reads full of action, adventure, love, sex and super hot guys.

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin was the first book that grabbed my attention and didn’t let go.  I could be seen reading at my desk, reading in the halls, reading over lunch, at the gym…everywhere until I finished it.  I was a woman obsessed with that story…also becoming the first book I ever read twice.  I was thrilled when the movie came out – and it’s become one of my favorites as well.

And though you’ve heard it before, my recent favorites include Fifty Shades of Grey, The Crossfire Series, Lost in Italy, Afterburn, and all the other books I’ve reviewed on this blog.

As you can see, if I could get paid to read I would so if you know anyone who’s hiring for that job – send them my way!  {wink}

Have a wonderful World Book Day!!


Midsummer Sweetheart – a review

ImageKaty has done it again.

This is the second book of Katy’s I’ve read recently.  In fact, the first book I read from Katy was the inspiration for this blog (see my first post).  While this book does not have the same amount of sizzling heat that Playing for Love at Deep Haven did, it is still a top-notch must read.

This story is the second in a series of books – but can certainly be read as a stand-alone.  I did not read Book 1, and I quickly navigated my way through the characters mentioned in the first chapter.  Katy gets the blood pumping within the first page of this book as we meet Katrin and her ex-fiancée, Wade, who is attempting to break into her apartment.  The police arrive in the nick of time and Katrin (with much persuasion from her brother and sister-in-law) decides it’s time for a change of scenery in order to get far, far away from Wade.

Cue Erik Lindstrom (swoon alert!!)  Erik is tall, tan, blonde and about to begin his law enforcement training up north…in very close proximity to where Katrin’s family has arranged for her to live and work.  Coincidence??  I think not.   The first time I got butterflies in this book (there were many) was when Katrin and Erik shake hands for the first time and sparks fly.  Erik, who has spent his life running away from commitment, immediately knows he’s in trouble.  Katrin, who wants nothing more than a white picket fence future with someone, is also smitten.  The two begin an incredible journey together full of emotional highs and lows.  Little do they know, someone is watching their every move, plotting their demise.

Katy does such an incredible job developing her characters that you can’t help but fall in love with moody and broody Erik…even though you really want to slap him sometimes.  I found myself starting to empathize with him as his resolve not to fall in love with Kat started to crumble page by page.  Kat is so perfectly aware of Erik through the entire story- reminding me a lot of myself actually.  She always seems to know exactly what to say or do to help Erik understand himself and his feelings.

My favorite thing about Katy’s writing is her ability to “speed up” a story line by writing in text messages.  She can make a week fly by in under a page which is perfect for someone like me who wants to get to the next time the main characters lay eyes (and hands) on one another.  While the sex scenes in this book are “behind closed doors”, there were still enough butterfly moments to keep me entertained and moving through this book at rapid-fire pace.  She also does a great job of getting me all excited for the next book in the series (well done, Katy, well done).

If you loved Katy’s first crack at “sweet heat” writing, Playing for Love at Deep Haven I really believe you’ll love Midsummer Sweetheart too.  In addition, if you were a fan of The Weight of Words by Georgina Guthrie – this book is right up your alley!

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