Break In Two ~ a review

Break In TwoHang on tight readers, this book will take you through every emotion you’ve got at your disposal. 

We first meet Claire as she is packing her things to run far, far away from her cheating realtor boyfriend.  *Anger!*

She’s packed up her car and has decided to leave rainy Seattle to take a job as a Chef at a ranch in Colorado.  Yes, a ranch with cowboys.  YeeHaw! *Excitement!*

Summers does a great job of keeping the reader engaged at the beginning of this book while utilizing minimal dialog.  We learn about Claire – “She went from crying to being terrified to feeling excited at least twice an hour”, her cheating ex, Antonio, and her lovely London living sister.  Eventually, Claire arrives in Colorado taking in the beauty of the scenery as well as her beautiful boss, Cole.  *Intrigue!*

Much to my delight, Cole is one of the good guys.  He and Claire instantly have a sweet connection and we fortunate enough to get to hear about it from both their perspectives.  Soon enough (much to my delight once again) that sweet connection gains quite a bit of heat.  We see Cole and Claire’s relationship progress at a fast clip, and I think you’ll find yourself falling right along with the characters.  *Love!*

Just when I started to think “Well, this has been a great love story!  Simple, sweet, and tied up with a pretty bow” Summers takes that perfect love story and breaks it right in two. *Sadness!*

Honest to goodness, I was on the verge of the ugly cry as I moved through the second part of this book.  She tells the story with such real emotion that each event feels like it’s actually happening to you. *Despair!*

As much as I’d like to give you insight into the second part of the book – I don’t want to spoil or ruin it for you.  Just know this – never in my life have I felt such a connection to a character as I did with Claire.  Not only do we get to see her grow emotionally through the story, we get to see her battle back from the depths of sorrow and grief.  Also of note – one of the characters we meet in the second half will have their own book soon!!! *Anticipation!*

If you loved the sweet heat of Katy Regnery’s Playing For Love at Deep Haven, you’ll love this book too.  The sex scenes are spicy and sensual, the characters become a part of you and the language is right up my alley with lots of swearing.

Learn more about MJ Summers on her website and her twitter feed.


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