Beautiful Bastard ~ a review

ImageWOW.  Just…WOW.

I was honestly left speechless after this incredible read.  This book is, quite frankly, the hottest damn thing I’ve ever laid my hands on (well…that may not be technically true).  It is, however, the hottest book I’ve ever read.

Within the first two chapters I found the authors (yes, two) on Twitter and alerted them that they had me both blushing and laughing out loud.  It’s true, this book will leave you breathless for more reason than one.  Between the hilarious inner-dialog and the amazingly hot sex scenes this book is one of a kind.

Quite possibly my absolute favorite part of this book is the fact we get to hear the story from BOTH points of view.  Not only do we hear from the amazingly strong and stubborn Chloe Mills, we also hear from the Beautiful Bastard himself, Bennett Ryan (swoon alert!)

Mr. Ryan has his fair share of hilarious thoughts throughout the entire book – for instance – “One of my recurring fantasies was taking all of those damned pins out of her hair before I grabbed a handful and **cked her.  God, she pissed me off.”  Bennett is devilishly handsome, absolutely infuriating and a whole lotta sex on wheels.

While the book takes a familiar track, the witty dialog, POV shifts and the moments of panty-ripping make it totally worth the read.  And be warned – I read this book in under 24 hours.  Once you start it’s next to impossible to stop.  I cannot wait to read the next book in the “Beautiful” series.

Find out more about Christina Lauren on their website and on their Twitter feeds: @seeCwrite for Christina and @LolaShoes for Lauren.


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