Coffee with Katy – Part 2

ImageIt’s snowing here today.  Again.  What better way to get the morning going than with a nice cup of coffee and the always fabulous Katy Regnery.  If you’re new to this blog – WELCOME! – take a moment to read the first installment of “Coffee With Katy” down the page a bit.

This morning, Katy talks to us about her inspiration for “Playing for Love at Deep Haven” which is a wonderful read.  My full review of that book was/is the driving force behind this blog, so also take a moment to read that in its entirety (also down the page a bit).

Question #2:  What was your inspiration for this novel?

Okay…this is a weird answer, but I didn’t actually have an inspiration for this book. The goal was always to write Cora Aubrey’s story…let me back up.

On a vacation last summer to the 1000 Islands in upstate New York, we visited Boldt Castle and I thought it would be a marvelous place to set a romance. I remember walking around the castle, and the idea for my Enchanted Places series came to me – stories told against the backdrop of a gorgeous museum, home, estate or cottage. The idea for Restoring Love at Bolton Castle, Enchanted Places – Book Two, pretty much entered my head fully formed that July. I could hear Cora’s voice in my head, see her with James. But for whatever reason, when push came to shove, I wasn’t ready to sit down and write her story…I guess I wanted to get to know her a little better first because she’s pretty complex.

So, I started thinking about her background and childhood and created the character of her twin brother, Zach. From that mental exercise, Zach Aubrey started coming into focus and I decided to write his story first. A couple of months later, in September, my husband and I spent a day at Yale University  and that visit solidified the location in my head. Then it was just a matter of writing Playing for Love at Deep Haven first.


So, what do you think?

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