The Weight of Words ~ a review

ImageThis book came as a recommendation from Sylvain Reynard via his Twitter feed.  If you are not following him, take a moment right now and go do so.  It’s OK, I’ll wait…

Followed?  Good work.  Let’s continue.

As I was saying, this book was recommended via Reynard and I immediately went to download.  After falling head over heels in love with his writing, I figured he knew better than anyone what book I would like next.

This sexually charged first installment from  Guthrie follows the lives of the impossibly charming Aubrey (whose inner dialog made me laugh out loud at times) and the difficult Daniel Grant.  We find the pair in a similar predicament as Professor Gabriel Emmerson and the lovely Julianne Mitchell in Reynard’s books.  Aubrey is an undergrad taking literature classes and working as an assistant to Dean Grant (yep, same Grant) and Daniel is a TA in (you guessed it) Aubrey’s Studies in Shakespeare class.

We first meet Daniel in a heated discussion with his father, leaving in a flurry of activity.  The first time Aubrey lays eyes on his eyes – she’s done.  Those “glorious blue eyes” as she puts it, will be the bane of her existence for the remainder of the book.  We learn very little about Daniel through the first quarter of the book, until Aubrey is invited to dinner at the Grant home.  She accepts, knowing the ever-aggravating Daniel will not be in attendance…or so she thinks.

He turns up at dinner (much to my delight) and a wonderful pool table scene ensues – it gets the pulse racing and the rest (as they say) is history.  The book barrels full speed ahead from that point on- filled with stolen moments, text messages, love notes and a constant mental tug of war between what’s “acceptable” and what’s “wanted”.   Guthrie does an amazing job of keeping you engaged, and shall we say…excited…while managing to keep the book acceptable for ALL types of adult audiences.

One of the great moments in this book is Chapter 24 where the POV (point of view) changes from Aubrey’s to Daniel’s.  Very, very rarely in books such as these do we get a first person account from the man’s perspective – and it’s fantastic.  We get to hear directly from Daniel for four chapters – four very important chapters I may add – before ending the book with Aubrey’s perspective.   The final chapter of this book will leave you breathless and absolutely wanting more…which we will get this summer according to Guthrie on Twitter {happy dance commences}.

I’m anxiously awaiting the next two books in this series and I’m so thankful that I was able to find this gem.  If you loved the Gabriel series this book is right up your alley.  This is also a great book for anyone who may be new to the romance genre and doesn’t want to dive in head first with FSOG or Crossfire but rather wade into the shallow end and get comfortable with the temperature.


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