Why I’m obsessed with a Professor and a Rabbit

ImageIn honor of Valentine’s Day I feel it necessary to review what I consider the most romantic of love stories ~ the Gabriel series by Sylvain Reynard.

Gabriel’s Inferno

I came across Gabriel, Julianne and their writer Sylvain Reynard after I’d heard such a crazy amount of talk on Twitter about the release of Gabriel’s Redemption – the final installment of the trilogy.  I figured since book three was on its way, I should probably catch up.  And I did.  In like 3 days.  I’m serious people – once you start this series you best clear your calendar because you will need every waking, breathing minute to read. 

As I began reading this novel, I quickly learned there’s nothing light about it. Along with the beautiful character development and the intellectual story line, there is a story of love, loss, and burning forbidden passion.  Reynard is quite simply, magic.  I can’t tell you the number of times I stopped reading to find him on twitter and comment about a specific scene or line.  He’s just brilliant.

Being the first book in the trilogy, we get quite a bit of insight into Julianne Mitchell – a meek and mild mannered girl who lost her heart to an older man years ago.  We also meet and begin a love/hate relationship with Professor Gabriel Emmerson (think David Gandy ladies…) who is described as “an ass” by one intriguing character that cares deeply for Julianne. 

The journey Gabriel and Julianne embark on in this book is one of the greatest story lines I’ve ever read.  Not since FSOG have I been captured and held by a series this quickly.  Reynard has a way with words that I’ve rarely encountered and although I wanted to tear through the book to learn more about Professor Emmerson and Miss Mitchell, I didn’t want this book to end.

If you loved Fifty Shades and the Crossfire series – this is a MUST READ for you.

*Side note – after reading this series I was alerted there is another main character I missed!  The Snarky Narrator is found throughout all three books (look for him in parenthesis).  Now that you know about him, you’ll find yourself giggling at his comments throughout the books.

Gabriel’s Rapture

This is the second book in the Gabriel trilogy and boy is it a doozie.  If you’re lucky enough to have found Professor Gabriel Emmerson on Twitter after reading Gabriel’s Inferno he’ll be quick to remind you not to hate him as you read this book.  *If you don’t follow him, go now, he’s a gem*

I could never, ever hate the Professor and this book demonstrates why.  Gabriel does things in this book that will make your heart hurt, your head spin and leave you absolutely breathless.  But, the great part about Reynard’s writing is SO WILL Julianne!  I found myself alternating between feeling badly for both of them in some points, to absolutely furious with BOTH of them in others. 

I’ve heard many readers (via Twitter) say this is their favorite book of the series and it’s easy to understand why.  It’s a very turbulent, emotional, and gut-wrenching ride on one hand and an incredibly sweet, caring and loving one on the other. 

We begin to learn so much more about Gabriel, Julianne, Paul and their families in this book.  In addition, we are introduced to another set of characters which add a wonderful dynamic throughout this book and into book three.

Gabriel’s Redemption

I’ve read my fair share of trilogies and love stories, heck I read FSOG three times and the Crossfire series twice.  I used to think no other trilogy could stack up – I was right.  This trilogy (in my mind) blows them both completely out of the water.

With no offense to Sylvia Day or E.L. James, I believe this trilogy is the best on the market today.  And trust me when I tell you I never thought I would say that after falling for both Christian and Gideon respectfully.  There’s something about the intellectual aspect of these books that completely captured my heart and mind.  For weeks after reading them I still find myself daydreaming and thinking of the story and the characters – thanks in no small part to having Gabriel, Julianne and Reynard on Twitter.

Gabriel’s Redemption is exactly what it says – a love story about redemption and what it takes to get there both for yourself and for your partner.  We often see ourselves in a different light than others do- some bad, some good.  The incredible thing about Professor Gabriel (who Reynard has so brilliantly brought to life through these books) is that despite how caring, honest, loving and accepting he is of Julianne…he doesn’t understand why he is deserving of her love.

It’s difficult to give a good review of this book without spoiling the plot line but I think if you’ve trampled your way through the first two books as quickly as I did, there’s nothing stopping you from Redemption.  


Because, really, who makes a better Professor Emmerson than David Gandy?!?!


~Cheers & Happy Valentine’s Day~


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