Coffee with Katy

Tonight, I’ll start a bit of a series called “Coffee with Katy”.  The always lovely Katy Regnery agreed to answer quite a few questions I had for her after reading “Playing for Love at Deep Haven” (You can read a review of that wonderful read below).   Every couple of days I’ll post one of the questions I asked Katy, and one of her fabulous answers.  BIG BIG *HUGE* thanks to Katy for doing this for me!

Question 1: How long have you been writing/a published author? What was your first published book? When?   

Okay…so, here’s my journey to getting published: In January 2012, I started to panic. My son was in first grade and my daughter was in nursery school for 20 hr/week.  I realized that I was spending a lot of time at nail salons, worried about fictional tumors and eating too much. In short, after eight years in the trenches of at-home motherhood, I could see those days were numbered and it was just a matter of time until I had eight hours a day to myself and I didn’t have anything to do with myself. Before having children, I’d been an Office Manager for a financial company and I knew I didn’t have any interest in going back to that job.

I ran into a friend who commented that I seemed down and I told her that my life felt like it was drifting a little. My kids weren’t babies anymore. I didn’t have a job. She suggested that I needed to take a class of some sort, and by the time we’d finished chatting, I had signed up for a creative writing course at the local Continuing Education program. I hadn’t taken a writing course since high school and I have no idea what prompted me to choose that course. I had no idea what to expect, but I admit, I was excited.

The class started that January and it was a course that taught short story writing. For that winter and spring I wrote short stories and really enjoyed the class, but when it ended in June, summer started, my kids needed my attention and I sort of put writing on the back burner.

Toward the end of summer, in August 2012, I took a trip to Washington D.C. and for the first time, I opened the Kindle my husband had purchased for me as a Mother’s Day gift. Because everyone was buzzing about Fifty Shades of Grey, I downloaded those three books, and three books by Lisa Kleypas – her Friday Harbor books. I read Lisa’s books on the train ride to and from D.C. and started remembering how much I loved romance novels. When I got home, I wrote my first novel – it was over 300 pages and took me 27 days to write. It was completely dreadful – LOL!! POV shifts, grammatical problems, showing not telling…the list goes on. It was rejected by every agent I sent it to, and I decided to hang up my hat on the writing stuff.

Then I read Fifty Shades two weeks later…and totally fell in love with the romance genre AGAIN. I had a huge, emotionally-attached Fifty Shades hangover when I finished reading and it felt like the only way to shake it was by writing a love story of my own. So, in late-September I started writing By Proxy, correcting all of the mistakes I’d made in my first novel. I had a beta group read it, and sent it off to about 20 small publishers by December. By February I had five offers on it, and I chose Boroughs Publishing Group for the combined savvy and experience of Jill Limber and Chris Keeslar. By Proxy came out in September 2013 and I’ve published three other books since!


So, what do you think?

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