The Sugar & Sin Bundle review!

ImageToday I’ll give a quick review of each of the 6 books included in the most fabulous “Sugar and Sin” bundle.  I was lucky enough to snag this awesome pack at a super low price – but I’m telling you it’s worth every penny you may have to spend now.  I’ve linked each writer to their own website – please spend a moment visiting them – tell them Summer sent ya!  ~Cheers~

These books are nothing short of amazing.  Every last one brought me joy, excitement and steamy sex scenes!!  It’s been a while since I’ve read these and I’m just looking at the description of each one again to refresh my memory.  I honestly cannot say there is one I like over another.  Each book is just as enticing as the next – full of love and lust.  The best thing about each one – there is a SUPER hot man steaming up the pages!!  Whew!!

Chasin’ MasonStacey Joy Netzel – a great read by a great author.  Lots of turbulence starting out and you know it’s going to lead to something great…including a cabin in the woods (can you say HOT??).  Steamy and sweet!  *Stacey also wrote “Lost In Italy” which is full of action-packed adventure, love and sex!!  (more on that one at a later date…)

Deadly AddictionKristine Cayne – A Native American man and a white female cop who find themselves caught in a bitter war on drugs battle.  You’d think it impossible to find love under these circumstances…but you’d be wrong!!

His Lady GodivaL.C. Giroux – the only book I was leery about as I started, but it turned out to be incredible.  It’s very romantic and challenges you to look at a love story from a whole different perspective.  A different type of love story, for sure, but it still gets my vote!

Love By DesignLiz Matis – maybe my favorite of the set just because it’s so lively and fun.  Set around a home improvement show on HGTV this book literally made me laugh out loud in some points and put me on the verge of tears in others.  A heart-pounding read…and Russ is smoking hot ladies!

Run Rosie RunC.C. Mackenzie – OK, maybe this was my favorite {smiles}.  This book is downright clever.  It kept me on an emotional roller coaster from start to finish.  Rosie is darling as she sorts through her feelings for two men and we get to watch it all unfold from two perspectives.  Alexander, the main man, has one of the most amazing set of lines I’ve ever read in this book.  But, I can’t share them here or you’ll know what happens.  *sigh*

Sexy In StilettosNana Malone – If you’ve read the Crossfire series you will love this book.  Jaya is tough, independent woman in need of some good lovin’.  Luckily she finds herself (embarrassingly enough) in the arms of Alec after a particularly rough day.  They take part in quite the “one nighter” and things roll on and one from there.  Steamy sex and lots of romance.


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